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Isuzu 700P Water Tank Fire Truck

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Isuzu 700P water tank fire truck is modified with Isuzu 700P series chassis, 4-door double cab, number of occupants 2+3, National V emission 190 horsepower engine, original air conditioner, steering assist, 8.25R20 steel wire tire, tank volume 3.5-5 cubic meters , Fire pump model: CB10.30 low pressure pump, low pressure: 30L/s/1.0MPa, maximum water absorption depth: 7m; maximum deep water absorption time: ≤35s, pump drive mode: sandwich power take-off, fire monitor model: PS30 type Water cannon, (fire water cannon): flow: 30L/s, pressure: 1.0MPa, effective water range: ≥50m, mainly used for fire fighting in villages, communities, enterprises, forest fire, airports and other units.


【Technical parameters of Isuzu 5 ton fire truck technical specification
product trademark Jiangte Announcement batch 298
product name Isuzu 700P Water Tank Fire Truck Product number JDF5100GXFSG30/Q
Total mass (Kg) 9700 Tank volume (m3) 3.1~5 cubic meters
Rated load mass (Kg) 3100 Dimensions (mm) 7690×2250×3000
Curb weight (Kg) 6225 The number of occupants in the cab (person) 2+3
Approach angle/Departure angle (°) 17/13 Front suspension/rear suspension(mm) 1110/2000
Axle load(Kg) 3350/6350 Maximum speed (Km/h) 100
Remark Rear extension: 105mm; tank volume: 3.1 cubic meters; tank size (length × width × height): 2220 × 1330 × 1100 (mm); firefighters are calculated at 75 kg/person; ABS and controller model: APG3550500H1 , The manufacturer is: Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Electromechanical Co., Ltd.; material material of side protection and rear lower protection device: Q235, integral structure; rear lower protection device height from the ground: 475mm; the main special devices are fire pumps and fire monitors.
【Chassis technical parameters Isuzu 5 ton fire truck technical specification
Chassis model QL1100A8MAY Chassis name truck chassis
brand name Isuzu manufacturer Qingling Motor Co., Ltd.
number of axes 2 Number of tires 6
Wheelbase(mm) 4475
Tire specifications 235/75R17.5 14PR, 8.25R20 14PR
Number of leaf springs 8/10+68/10+6 Front track(mm) 1680
Fuel type diesel fuel Rear Track(mm) 1650
Emissions according to standards GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(Kw)
Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd. Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd. 5193
serial number name Specification quantity unit Remark
1 straw 100×2 meters 4 root threaded
2 water filter FLF100 1 piece threaded
3 Trap FII80/65×2-1.6 1 piece Internal button
4 water collector JII100/65×2-1.0 1 piece Internal button
5 hose 13-65-20 6 plate low pressure; internal button
6 hose 13-80-20 2 plate low pressure; internal button
7 Reducer KJ65/80 2 piece Internal button
8 Hose wrap DT-SB 4 piece
9 Hose hook 4 piece
10 Ground hydrant wrench QT-DS1; length 400 1 piece
11 underground fire hydrant wrench Long 860 1 piece
12 Suction wrench FS100 2 piece
13 DC switch water gun QZG3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button
14 DC Blossom Water Gun QZK3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button
15 fire bucket 1 indivual
16 fire extinguisher 3㎏ 1 Tool
17 fire waist axe Length 390; GF-285 1 piece
18 rubber hammer 1 piece
19 Rechargeable Portable Lights 1 piece
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