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Isuzu 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck

  • Specifications

The National VI Isuzu 6-ton foam fire truck is a National VI foam fire truck that meets the National VI standard. The truck adopts the Isuzu FVR series cab chassis, exposed tank structure, water tank volume of 4.5 cubic meters, and foam tank. It has a volume of 1.765 cubic meters and is equipped with CB10/40 fire pump and PL32 water-foam dual-purpose fire monitor. The vehicle has a compact structure, complete configuration and strong mobility. It can respond to fires in enterprises, communities or key fire units in time. It is widely used in fire rescue stations, government full-time fire brigade, and enterprise full-time fire brigade to extinguish general material fires or chemical and oil fires.
The main technical parameters of Isuzu 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck

Vehicle model JDF5172GXFPM60/Q6 foam fire truck Chassis model QL1180EQFRY
engine Isuzu 240hp/177KW Emission Standards Country VI (Country VI)
Outside dimensions 8110×2540×3600mm wheelbase 4500mm
The number of occupants in the cab 2+3 people front suspension/rear suspension 1370/2240mm
liquid carrier 6.265 cubic meters (water tank 4.5 cubic meters foam tank 1.765 cubic meters) Load quality 6300kg
Tank size 1440×2400×1360 water tank
565×2400×1360 foam tank
curb weight 10250kg
top speed 95km/h total mass 16925kg
Fire Pump CB10/40 fire monitor Chengdu West PL32
Fire pump rated flow 40L/s 1.0MPa Environmental protection/exemption yes/yes
Fire monitor rated flow 32L/s 1.0MPa Fire cannon range Water≥55m Foam≥50m

Equipped with fire fighting equipment of Isuzu 6 Ton Foam Fire Truck

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