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Dongfeng D9 foam fire truck (7 tons)

  • Specifications

Dongfeng Duolika D9 foam fire truck, vehicle model: JDF5171GXFPM70/E6 foam fire truck, modified with Dongfeng EQ1185DJ9CDF chassis. The whole vehicle is composed of two parts: the fireman’s cabin and the body. The crew cabin is the original double row of Dongfeng, which can take 3+3 people. The car has a built-in tank structure. The rear is the pump room. The liquid carrier tank is made of high-quality carbon steel, elastically connected to the chassis, with a total volume of 7 cubic meters (5 cubic meters of water, 1.765 cubic meters of foam liquid), equipped with CB10/40 low-pressure fire pump, rated flow 40L/S, roof mounted PL32 vehicle water-foam dual-purpose fire monitor. The biggest feature of the car is the large liquid carrying capacity, good handling and easy maintenance. It can be widely used in public security fire brigade, factories and mines, communities, docks and other places to fight large oil fires or general material fires.

Main parameters of Dongfeng D9 foam fire truck

Outside dimensions 8400×2520×3520mm
maximum total mass 16800kg
liquid carrier Water 5.0 cubic meters, foam 1.765 cubic meters
top speed 105km/h
Fire pump rated flow 40L/s 1.0MPa
Fire monitor rated flow 32L/s 1.0MPa
Fire cannon range Foam≥45m Water≥50m
specific power 169/16.8=10.06

Main parameters of the chassis Dongfeng D9 foam fire truck

model EQ1185DJ9CDF
manufacturer Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd.
Engine rated power 169kw
engine capacity 6200ml
Engine Emission Standards GB3847-2005, GB17691-2018 National VI
drive form 4×2
wheelbase 4700mm
Maximum allowable gross weight 18000kg
Minimum turning radius ≤19m
gearbox manual
power takeoff Sandwich PTO



5 cubic meters


High-quality carbon steel with a thickness of 4mm (stainless steel and PP material can be used according to user needs)

Tank fixing

Elastic connection with chassis frame

Tank Setup

Manhole: 1 manhole with a diameter of 460mm, with a quick locking/opening device

Overflow port: 1 DN65 overflow port

Residual water outlet: set up a DN40 water tank to discharge residual water, with ball valve

Water injection port: connect 2 DN65 ports on the left and right sides of the water tank

Water inlet and outlet: set 1 water tank to the water pump inlet pipe, DN125 valve, can be manually controlled, set 1 water pump to the water tank filling pipe, DN65 valve, can be manually controlled

foam tank


1.765 cubic meters


High-quality carbon steel with a thickness of 4mm (stainless steel and PP material can be used according to user needs)

Tank fixing

Elastic connection with chassis frame

Tank Setup

Manhole: 1 DN460 manhole, with quick locking/opening, automatic pressure relief device

Overflow port: 1 DN40 overflow port

Residual liquid outlet: set up a DN40 foam tank to discharge residual liquid

Foam outlet: set 1 DN40 foam tank to pump out foam pipe

Vehicle fire pump Dongfeng D9 foam fire truck


CB10/40 type low pressure vehicle fire pump


low pressure centrifugal

Limited Data

40L/s @1.0MPa

outlet pressure rating


maximum suction depth


water diversion device

Self-contained vane pump

Diversion time

Maximum suction depth≤50s

Vehicle-mounted water-foam dual-purpose fire monitor




Chengdu West Fire Machinery Co., Ltd.

Rotation angle

360° horizontal rotation

Maximum pitch/depression angle

Depression angle≤-15°, elevation angle≥+45°




Foam≥45m Water≥50m

Fire control system: The control panel mainly includes two parts: cab control and pump room control. In-cab control: water pump disengagement, warning light alarm, lighting and signal device control, etc.
Pump room control: bodywork main power switch, parameter display, status display

Equipment arrangement
1 According to the actual needs of fire fighting, and according to the fire fighting operation procedures, pick and place them nearby.
2 Use special fixtures that are anti-corrosion, anti-vibration, anti-dropping and anti-scratch.
3 Conspicuous signs, multi-person operation, non-interference.


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