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Dongfeng 5 ton foam fire truck

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Dongfeng 5-ton foam fire truck is a new type of 5-ton water-foam dual-purpose fire truck with China VI emission standard. Crew room, can take 3+3 total 6 people, the middle is water tank and foam tank + equipment box, the tail is pump room, equipped with domestic famous brand CB10/30 low-pressure fire pump, PL24 water-foam dual-purpose fire truck, It is a special rescue vehicle for fire emergency departments of enterprises, institutions, towns and communities to extinguish general material fires and chemical and oil fires.


Dongfeng 5 ton foam fire truck


vehicle vehicle name Dongfeng 5 ton foam fire truck
Dimensions 6940×2195×3060(mm)
total mass 11270kg
curb weight 5820kg
Load quality 5000kg
cab double row
number of occupants 3+3 people (double row)
approach/departure angle 21/11 (°)
front suspension/rear suspension 1130/1930
Minimum turning radius ≤7m
top speed 90km/h
chassis brand Dongfeng D8
Chassis model EQ1125SJ8CDC
wheelbase 3800mm
gearbox Wanliyang 6th gear
tire 245/70R19.5
air conditioner
Air brake, air conditioner, front electric glass, ABS
engine engine Chaochai 170 hp (CY4SK361)
Emission Standards Country VI (Country VI)
power 125KW
Displacement 3856ml
Rated speed 2500rpm
maximum torque 540N.m
Maximum torque speed 1600rpm
Dedicated function liquid tank liquid carrier jug foam tank
3.4 square 1.569 square
material Carbon steel ( stainless steel or PP material can be selected as required )
Tank fixing Elastic connection with chassis frame
manhole 2 DN460 manholes with quick locking/opening device
Water inlet There is a DN65 port on the left and right sides of the water tank
Inlet and outlet 1 water tank to water pump inlet pipe, DN100 valve, manual control
1 foam tank to water pump inlet pipe, DN40 valve, manual control
1 water pump to tank filling pipe, DN65 valve, manual control
drain outlet 2 DN40 water tank discharge ports, with ball valve manual control
Overflow Set 2 DN65 overflow ports
Fire Pump model CB10/30 type low pressure vehicle fire pump
form Atmospheric pressure centrifugal
Installation location rear
flow 30L/s @1.0MPa
Outlet pressure 1.0MPa
maximum suction depth 7m
water diversion device Self-contained vane pump
Diversion time Maximum suction depth≤35s
fire monitor model PL24
flow 24L/s
Slewing angle 360° horizontal rotation
range Water≥45m Water and foam ≥40m
Maximum pitch/depression angle Elevation angle≥+45° Depression angle≤-15°
Power take-off and transmission system structure type Sandwich Mechanical Transmission
clutch method manual control
Lubrication method splash lubrication
Transmission system Cross shaft universal joint drive shaft
Pipeline system Pipe material High quality seamless steel pipe
suction line There is a DN100 suction port on the back of the pump room
water injection line There is a DN65 water injection port on the left and right sides of the water tank.
A DN65 water pump is installed in the pump room to inject water into the tank
outlet pipe There is a DN8I0 water outlet on the left and right sides of the pump room, with a stop valve and a cover
Cooling water pipeline Cooling water line and control valve with cooling power take-off
Electrical Equipment fire lighting 1 35W fire searchlight installed at the rear
Strobe light Red and blue strobe lights are installed on both sides of the body
warning device A long row of full red warning lights are installed on the top of the cab
siren The control box is in the cab in front of and under the driver
Auxiliary lighting The fireman’s room, the water pump room and the equipment box are respectively equipped with lights, and the control instrument panel is equipped with bright lights and indicator lights.
Additional electrical independent circuit
Ladder and upper handle ladder Aluminum alloy two-section flipping ladder, the height of the ladder should not exceed 450mm when in use.
Get in the car and pull the car The surface is made of non-slip round steel pipe with grooves on the surface, and the surface is sprayed with plastic.
Equipment box and pump room structure The main frame structure is welded with high-quality square tubes, and the outer decorative panels are welded with carbon steel plates. The roof is non-slip and can be walked.
equipment box The equipment box is located at the rear of the passenger compartment, with aluminum alloy rolling shutter doors on both sides, with lighting inside, and storage boxes are provided in the equipment room according to requirements.
pump room The pump room is located at the rear of the vehicle, with aluminum alloy rolling shutters on both sides and the back, with lights inside, and some common equipment can be placed on both sides of the pump room
*Note: This parameter is standard by the manufacturer and can be customized according to customer needs.
serial number name model quantity unit Remark
1 straw 100×2 meters 4 root threaded
2 water filter FLF100 1 piece threaded
3 Trap FII80/65×2-1.6 1 piece Internal button
4 water collector JII100/65×2-1.0 1 piece Internal button
5 hose 13-65-20 8 plate low pressure; internal button
6 Reducer KJ65/80 2 piece Internal button
7 Hose wrap DT-SB 4 piece
8 Hose hook 4 piece
9 Ground hydrant wrench QT-DS1; length 400 1 piece
10 underground fire hydrant wrench Long 860 1 piece
11 Suction wrench FS100 2 piece
12 foam pipette 1 root
13 air foam gun 1 branch
14 DC switch water gun QZG3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button
15 DC Blossom Water Gun QZK3.5/7.5; 65 1 branch low pressure; internal button
16 fire bucket 1 indivual
17 fire extinguisher 3㎏ 1 Tool
18 fire waist axe Length 390; GF-285 1 piece
19 rubber hammer 1 piece
20 Rechargeable Portable Lights 1 piece
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