Dongfeng 2 ton water tank fire truck

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Chassis modelEQ1070DJ3BDFengine modelQuanchai, Qingfa, Chaochai, Yuchai
Outside dimensions6290×1980×2660mmwheelbase3308mm
liquid carrier2030L~2500LEmission Standardscountry five
Fire PumpCB10/20fire monitorPS20
Fire pump rated flow20L/s 1.0MPaEnvironmental protection/exemptionAvailable/Volume 06 in 2016
Fire monitor rated flow20L/s 1.0MPaFire cannon rangeWater≥48m
serial numbernameSpecificationquantityunitRemark
2water filterFLF1001piecethreaded
3TrapFII80/65×3-1.61pieceInternal button
4water collectorJII125/65×2-1.01pieceInternal button
5hose13-65-208platelow pressure; internal button
6ReducerKJ65/802pieceInternal button
7Hose wrapDT-SB4pieceInternal button
8Hose hook4piece
9above ground hydrant wrenchQT-DS1; length 4001piece
10underground fire hydrant wrenchLong 8601piece
11Suction wrenchFS1002piece
12DC switch water gunQZG3.5/7.5; 651branchlow pressure; internal button
13DC Blossom Water GunQZK3.5/7.5; 651branchlow pressure; internal button
14fire extinguisher3KG1Tool
15fire waist axeLength 390; GF-2851piece
16rubber hammer1piece
17Rechargeable Portable Lights1piece
18fire bucket1indivual
serial numbernameSpecificationquantityunitRemark
1automatic charging device12V1set
3air respiratornumber of membersset
4water hose bridgerubber2vice
5Telescopic Ladder1vice
6hand pump1tower
7Demolition tool1set
8Other fire fighting equipment

Dongfeng Duolika 2.5-ton water tank fire truck has been included in the National Development and Reform Commission's car bulletin product catalog, and can be listed on the civilian license.

Dongfeng Duolika 2.5-ton water tank fire truck has passed the CCC certification of fire protection products of the Ministry of Public Security, and can be issued an emergency rescue license.

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