Foton Aumark 5 Ton Tank Truck

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Chassis description

Foton Aumark chassis model BJ1089VEJEA-F3, body 2000mm single-row cab, 6-speed gearbox, 6-ton rear axle, engine Cummins 145 horsepower ISF3.8s5141, 3.76 displacement, 105KW, 7.50R16 steel wire tire, air conditioner, electric glass , Air brake, dynamic rotation, ABS, remote control key, central control lock, cruise control, self-adjusting brake arm, adjustable headlights, front disc, speed limit, front exhaust pipe

Modification instructions

Announcement volume of 5.2 cubic meters, actual volume of 5.5-6.4 cubic meters, full load of 5 tons of diesel, single tank with pump in and pump out, with large flow tanker, automatic homing reel and fuel gun, European standard tank mouth, emergency cut-off device ,Automatically shut down when the vehicle speed>5KM, fire extinguisher, infusion tube, electrostatic belt as standard equipment, fire cap, folding railing, rear ladder, carbon steel production, built-in wave board corrugated board, maintenance manhole, tank body conforms to the household Request, issue tank inspection report

Detailed description
HD pictures
illustrate in detail
The tank body is made of carbon steel, the single bin has pump inlet and outlet, the outlet is installed in the toolbox on the side of the passenger cabin, with a European standard tank port, an emergency shut-off device (subsea valve), lower oil port, oil and gas recovery device, long Stable and large flow fuel dispenser and 15-meter automatic homing reel with fuel gun, aluminum rolling door in the tool box at the front of the tank body

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