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Dongfeng Tianjin 15 Ton 20 Ton Refueling Truck Oil Tanker Truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Dongfeng Tianjin 1800+4100mm wheelbase, Datong 7-speed gearbox, 5T front axle, 10T rear axle, 295/80R22.5 tubeless tires, ISB210 50 Kangji 210 horsepower, with air conditioning, with ABS. Original dangerous goods chassis

Modification instructions

Top loading configuration: Chusheng original factory loading, the tank volume is made according to the announced size, the announced volume is 17.58 cubic meters (the actual 21.3 cubic meters) diesel medium, there is a fuel announcement, there is an environmental protection announcement, the tank body is 5mm, the expansion head is 5mm thick, and the single warehouse The pump has an overflow valve, the pump is in and out of the pump, and a full set of European standards (European standard tank port, oil vapor recovery, subsea valve, bottom loading oil, anti-overflow probe) is on the co-pilot side, and the driving side is reserved for refueling Machine location, self-installed high-flow fuel dispenser and reel gun, equipped with a fire cap, two fire extinguishers, carbon damage after the tank body is produced, a reflective mark, sticker “explosion”, safety notice, exhaust pipe front , With European standard lifting guardrail, the rest are standard in the factory. Issuance of registration procedures (chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, vehicle-mounted tools, warranty manual, service manual) in compliance with Euro laws and regulations.

Detailed description

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The whole vehicle tanker is also designed by the professional technical team. All processes are produced step by step according to the drawings issued to the workshop. The tank body is made of WISCO genuine carbon steel plate, stainless steel is manufactured according to the Euro standard, and the 9.5-meter large plate rolling machine is automatically rolled and formed at one time. , High strength and durability, the car has a stable center of gravity when running, the tank body is automatically welded, plasma CNC cutting, and then sent to the weld inspection, pressure inspection, water spray inspection, and finally the tank inspection report.
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