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  • Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck

    1.Overall dimensions (LxWxH)mm :5280×2000×2250

    2.Wheelbase(mm): 2700

    3.Gross vehicle weight(kg) :4495

    4.Drive Type :4x2

    5.Displacement (ml) / Power : 2300/97KW131(HP)

    Fuel tanker trucks are the lifeblood of the energy industry, ensuring a steady and safe supply of liquid petroleum products. Their robust construction, specialized equipment, and strict safety measures make them indispensable for transporting these essential resources.

    • Specifications

    The Introduction of  fuel tank truck :

    Fuel tanker trucks, often referred to simply as “tanker trucks” or “tank trucks,” are indispensable vehicles in the energy industry. These specialized trucks play a crucial role in the transportation of liquid petroleum products, ensuring that fuel and other essential liquids are efficiently transported from refineries to distribution points, gas stations, and industrial facilities.

    Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck

    Purpose of  Dongfeng Dolica  fuel tank truck :

    Fuel tanker trucks are primarily designed to transport liquid petroleum products, including crude oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, and various chemicals. Their role is pivotal in maintaining the continuous flow of energy resources across vast geographical areas, ensuring that these vital products are readily available to consumers and industries.

    Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck

    The Construction of   fuel tank truck :

    Tank Compartment: The core component of an Fuel tanker truck is its tank compartment, typically constructed from high-strength steel or aluminum. These tanks come in various sizes, with capacities ranging from a few thousand liters to over 30,000 liters.

    Pumping System: Tanker trucks are equipped with specialized pumping systems that enable the efficient loading and unloading of liquids. These systems are designed to handle different types of products safely.

    Safety Features: To prevent accidents and environmental hazards, Fuel tanker trucks incorporate safety features such as emergency shut-off valves, pressure relief vents, and spill containment systems. These safeguards are essential for preventing leaks and spills during transit.

    Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck

    The Usage  of  Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck :

    Loading: The first step in using an Fuel tanker truck is loading the liquid product at the source, such as a refinery or storage facility. Loading is typically done through the top hatch of the tank.

    Transportation: Once loaded, the truck transports the liquid cargo to its destination. Drivers must adhere to strict safety regulations, including speed limits and load weight restrictions, to ensure safe transport.

    Unloading: At the destination, the tanker truck’s pumping system is used to offload the product into storage tanks or distribution facilities. Care must be taken during unloading to avoid spills or leaks.

    Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck

    Safety Precautions of   fuel tank truck :

    Regular Maintenance: Fuel tanker trucks must undergo regular inspections and maintenance to ensure all components, including pumps, hoses, and safety systems, are in working order.

    Proper Loading and Unloading: Loading and unloading must be carried out by trained personnel following strict safety protocols to prevent accidents.

    Route Planning: Drivers should plan their routes carefully, avoiding steep inclines, sharp turns, and congested areas whenever possible. Overloading and over-speeding should be avoided.

    Emergency Response: Drivers should be trained in emergency response procedures and equipped with spill response kits to contain and mitigate any accidental spills or leaks.

    Environmental Compliance: It is essential to follow environmental regulations and guidelines for the transport of hazardous materials. This includes obtaining the necessary permits and adhering to disposal and cleanup procedures in case of spills.

    Dongfeng Dolica 2.2-cbm fuel tank truck


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