JAC 8 Ton Sweeping Truck

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Jiangling Road Sweeper is a multifunctional road sweeper developed by our company that integrates road sweeping, water spraying and dust reduction. It has many functions such as road cleaning, road cleaning, roadside and roadside stone facade scrubbing, spray dust reduction, low-pressure washing and so on. High market share, reliable performance, especially suitable for high-cleanliness cleaning operations of urban squares, road pavements and curbs, and also suitable for ordinary cleaning operations such as cleaning and cleaning of urban squares, road pavements and curbs.
Chassis description

Brand Jianghuai cab Junling wheelbase 3815mm engine Weichai 96kw tires 7.50R16 water tank volume 4m³ dustbin volume 4m³ auxiliary engine Dongfeng light engine 75kw

Modification instructions

Maximum washing and sweeping width (including curb cleaning width) 3.2m Maximum washing and sweeping width (excluding curb cleaning width) 3m Washing speed 3∽20Km/h Rated cleaning water pressure 10MPa Rated cleaning water flow 85L/min Cleaning Working sweeping width 3m Sweeping speed 3∽20Km/h Cleaning speed 3∽20Km/h Maximum sweeping capacity 60000㎡/h Discharge angle ≥48° Low pressure washing width 20m

Detailed description

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