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Road Sweep Truck

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Dongfeng Liuqi 16 ton sweeper truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Dongfeng Liu Auto Washing and Sweeping Truck, 5100 wheelbase, Yuchai 180 high-horsepower local gold customized version, stronger power, M31A four-point full-floating cab, adopting the first domestic dragon skeleton structure, higher safety, 8JS75C gearbox, speed The ratio is small, the adaptability to multiple working conditions is better, and the perfect combination of power and economy is effectively achieved. The vehicle is more fuel-efficient. 9T/4.875 rear axle, 9.00R20 steel tires, 264 (6) beams, the largest in Asia 6,300 tons of punching machine, one-time stamping forming, tightly integrated inner and outer layers, better than riveting, 250L aluminum alloy fuel tank, airbag cushion seat, ABS using WABCO brand, improve the reliability of braking performance, vehicle terminal, imported air conditioning, remote control Control locks, electric doors and windows.

Modification instructions

The auxiliary engine adopts "Cummins 170 horsepower", automatic clutch drives the fan and high-pressure water pump, which effectively reduces the impact of the fan on the engine when the fan starts and stops, and has the advantages of low noise, low fuel consumption and cost saving. Using Luoyang North Glass brand, high-power wear-resistant maintenance-free centrifugal fan, no noise, high efficiency, large air volume, and long service life. The high-pressure water pump adopts the T7012IR plunger column, a joint venture inter Euro ly renowned German Pinfu, with high pressure, and the maximum pressure can reach 16MPa. The clean water tank makes full use of the on-board space, with a volume of 9 cbm meters and a built-in water level al lift . The trash bin adopts a double-layer stainless steel structure with a filter screen inside to effectively prevent leaves, plastic bags and other light objects from clogging the air outlet and dust from being discharged. The sewage al lift system is built in, and the sewage can be easily discharged through the sewage valve at the back door. Drain the sewer to maximize the use of the garbage bin loading space. The car body adopts tipping and unloading, with a high-pressure washing and self-cleaning device. The maximum speed of the car can reach 115Km/h. Cleaning efficiency: ≥95%. Maximum suction particle size: 100mm. Maximum discharge angle of trash bin: 45 degrees. Maximum sweeping width: 3.5m. Maximum sweeping capacity: 70000mh. Hydraulic oil tank capacity: 60L. Secondary engine working speed: 1700 -2000r/min Overflow pressure: 16MPa Trash bin volume: 7 cbm Water tank volume: 9 cbm Play Video

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