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Isuzu sweeper

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(1) It is modified with Isuzu QL1070A5KAY type II vehicle chassis, and the engine is Cummins Euro V emission. The auxiliary engine is Jiangling’s 85 horsepower; (2) The arrangement of the clean water tank in front and the garbage bin in the rear is adopted. The semi-enclosed auxiliary engine compartment, left and right corner doors + double side doors, easy access for personnel, compact overall structure and convenient maintenance; (3) The grounding pressure of the side sweeping brush system adopts a spring adjustment method. During work, the sweeping grounding pressure can be adjusted at any time according to the road conditions to reduce the abrasion of the sweeping brush. (4) The high-pressure water pump and water nozzles are all imported products. , The water pump is a stainless steel pump head with a pressure of up to 160 Bar and a maximum flow rate of 154 L/min, which has a better effect on road washing; (5) The hydraulic valve in the hydraulic system adopts electromagnetic reversing valves, which are neatly arranged and easy to maintain. The hydraulic motor adopts imported brands. The product, the hydraulic system of the whole vehicle runs reliably, the action is sensitive and effective, and there is no crawling phenomenon of the moving components; the special high-pressure centrifugal fan for the valve group (6) of the sweeper, the maximum air volume can reach 12000m3/h, the blade material is made of special steel, and its special The shape of the blade is extremely difficult to wear; (7) The unique side sweeping brush anti-collision mechanism can effectively protect the side sweeping brush mechanism and avoid damage caused by the flushing device hitting the road teeth at any time; (8) Using first sweeping, then flushing, and then absorbing The working method can clean, wash and absorb garbage and sewage at one time. There is no dust and water after the road work; (9) The high-pressure water circuit is equipped with a quick-plug anti-freezing water blowing device interface to prevent freezing and damaging the water circuit components at low temperatures in winter; the washing and sweeping vehicle accessories (10) The garbage bin is made of stainless steel, Excellent anti-corrosion performance; (11) The key components of electrical components adopt high-quality imported components, and the operation control adopts one-key operation, which can realize 9 operation modes, and the control is realized by PLC programming controller; (12) It adopts cylinder drive and electric automatic control. The vehicle clutch is used to ensure no-load start and no-load shutdown of the auxiliary engine, and prolong its service life; (13) Equipped with a washing winch and washing gun with automatic retracting function, the washing gun has a large flow rate and high pressure, which can be used for local oily areas. Powerful flushing, and can flush small advertisements; Sweeping car reel (14) with voice al lift device, which can realize fault self-diagnosis function; (15) A row of high-pressure nozzles are installed on the rear guard rail, with spray dust reduction function; The car nozzle (16) has a low-pressure flushing function, and the maximum flushing width can reach 24m. (17) The box body adopts triangular bending shape, with novel appearance and high strength.

Detailed description

Exclusive features of sweeper

2) The high-pressure water pump and the fan are driven by a centrifugal automatic clutch, which effectively guarantees the stable start of the fan and the high-pressure water pump and prolongs the service life.

 Isuzu 洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 洗扫车图片
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