Howo 16 tons washer and sweeper

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SINOTRUK HOWO large 16-ton cleaning and sweeping truck is a new type of cleaning and sweeping truck developed using the newly launched T5G chassis of Sinotruk. The T5G chassis is equipped with auxiliary engines, fans, high-pressure water pumps, clean water tanks, garbage bins, The left and right vertical sweeping, wide suction nozzle with water spray rod, low-pressure flushing system, sweeping pan dust reduction system, hydraulic system, electronic control system for special equipment, and sub-frame are refitted. Its performance is at the leading level in China
Chassis description

Brand SINOTRUK cab Howo 5000mm wheelbase engine SINOTRUK 151KW tire 9.00R20 Water tank volume 9m³ Trash bin volume 7m³ Optional cab with chassis, optional brushless vacuum cleaner structure, optional central suction cup and dual sweep brushes ,Optional rear structure; optional curved trash can. Side protection adopts cold-formed steel/Q235-A, welded connection. The rear protection adopts cold-formed steel/Q235-A, welded connection. The height of the rear protective section is 240mm, the width of the section is 60mm, and the height of the lower edge is 400mm from the ground. The ABS system model is 4460046300, and the manufacturer is WABCO Automotive Control Systems (China) Co., Ltd.

Modification instructions

The auxiliary engine Cummins 170 horsepower dustbin volume 7 m3 clean water tank volume 9 m3 working width 3500-4100 mm working speed 3-15 km/h working capacity 70000 m2/h cleaning water rated pressure 16-20MPa cleaning water rated flow 122L/min unloading Material angle ≥48 ° Cleaning speed 3-20 Km/h Low pressure washing width 24 m

Detailed description

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