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Fuel Tank Truck

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Shandeka 20 ton oil tank truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Chassis configuration: Shandeka Sitrak C5H; C5H-W cab; German MAN 340 horsepower engine; HW 9-speed 12-speed gearbox optional, VPD060QB front axle, MCY11 self-adjusting arm double rear axle, double 11-ton rear axle, double layer Frame (8+4/280); ZF8198 steering gear; front and rear air suspension (3/3/-/-); mid-position bumper (metal); with ABS (4S/4M); front exhaust System; Tire: 295/80R22.5; Speed ratio: 4.63; Safety warning light; 300L aluminum alloy fuel tank; China Euro Heavy Duty Truck Smart Pass B version; Vehicle front and lower protection; dangerous goods speed limit device; electromagnetic power switch; The reversing buzzer will be fully equipped with the new regulations in 2020. Shandeka, as a high-end heavy truck, will have a lot of discounts in 2020. Welcome users all over the Euro to consult! More three-axle front, two rear, eight Shan Deka fuel tank trucks are announced!

Modification instructions

High-quality aluminum alloy material, single and double warehouses are optional, two European standard tank ports, submarine valves, oil and gas recovery, anti-overflow probes, lower oil ports, submarine valve automatic control system, pipelines can be interconnected and can be independently designed, Aluminum alloy toolbox, tank top non-slip, aluminum alloy ladder, tank bottom backflow trough, two tanks with equal length oil pipelines, and other dangerous goods standard configuration! Issuance of vehicle qualification certificates, conformity certificates, tank inspection reports, and vehicle registration invoices and other legal procedures for registration. It is possible to support vehicle installment payment nationwide, to apply for an operation certificate, and to send the vehicle to the door for inspection to pay the balance.

Detailed description

1. Chassis detailed parameters: The car adopts the original chassis of Sinotruk Shandeka , white cab, Sinotruk engine 340 horsepower, Shantou 12-speed gearbox with power take-off, 295 tubeless tires, with steering assist, with front disc Brake, speed limit device, ABS, original air conditioner, airbag suspension rear axle.

2. Tank modification parameters: tank volume: 27.8 cubic meters. The tank body is made of 6mm high-quality aluminum alloy sheet seamlessly welded and rolled. With pump, pump in and pump out, with two suction pipes equal to the length of the tank, and two fire extinguishers. (It is optional to install European standard tank port, submarine valve, bottom oil port, oil and gas, anti-overflow probe probe seat, electrostatic socket, refueling machine.) Our factory has fully passed ISO9001-2000 inter Euro quality system certification, and our products have fully passed 3C The certification is a well-known brand in the province and a trustworthy product in the province.

3. Paint: Silver paint, reflective tape, reflective strips, three big characters “flammable liquid”. Safety signs.

4. Transportation medium: gasoline. The fuel bulletin and environmental protection bulletin of this vehicle are complete to ensure that there is no worry about getting on the license plate.

5. Remarks: Optional installation is available according to customer requirements (various well-known brand tankers, sub-storage, installation of European standard tank ports, submarine valves, anti-overflow probe probe bases, lower oil ports, and oil and gas recovery.)


Our company provides vehicle invoice, vehicle certificate, chassis certificate, tank inspection report, tank body tightness certificate, flaw detection report (X-ray perspective), product quality certificate, subsea valve and European standard tank mouth installation certificate, chassis warranty Manual, tool with car.

The whole vehicle is mainly composed of automobile chassis system, tank system, loading and unloading pipeline and control system, and safety protection system. An operation box is set on the right side of the vehicle body, with valves and connectors inside, which can realize the transportation and loading and unloading of the tanker. Two cylindrical tube boxes are symmetrically arranged on the left and right sides of the tank body, and 1 infusion hose is installed in each of the left and right tube boxes, and the infusion hose can be taken out from the rear. The tank body is made of carbon steel 5.2 mm steel plate, with gear oil pump, upper iron guardrail, European standard tank mouth, with internal mesh walkway, with a self-flowing mouth, rear ladder, European standard bumper, and the rest are made according to the normal factory standards , Can also be optional

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A big Mercedes-Benz and a small BMW might as well buy a Shandeka high-end brand Shandeka series, Germany MAN 340 horsepower Howo 9 gears 295 tubeless tires, 8 airbags
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