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Shacman Delong M3000 8×4 tons fuel tank truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

The front four and the rear eight fuel tank trucks of Shacman Delong adopt the chassis of hazardous chemicals transporter produced by Shacman Company. The cab can choose the new M3000 or X3000 cab, and the engine can choose Weichai 300 horsepower or Weichai 336 horsepower engine, Shacman Fast 12-speed gearbox with high and low gears. When the engine is equipped with Weichai 300 horsepower, the front axle is 5.5 tons. When equipped with Weichai 336 horsepower, the front axle is 7.5 tons and the rear axle is 16 tons. It can be equipped with 12R tubeless tires or 295 tubeless tires, with original air conditioning, direction assist, ABS, air brake braking system, driving recorder, chassis with 400L aluminum alloy fuel tank, front axle with disc brake, and vehicle with speed limit device , Brake with automatic adjustment arm, headlight with OBD adjustment function, mudguard with anti-splash device, front exhaust pipe and equipped with fire cap.

Modification instructions

The tank body is made of special volume plates for WISCO, the thickness of the tank body is 5.7mm, the thickness of the head is 6mm, the announced volume of the tank body is 28.5 cubic meters, and the actual volume is 33 cubic meters. It can transport 24 tons of gasoline. Set of oil and gas recovery system, anti-overflow device, anti-static device, separable warehouse, 65mm self-flowing mouth, an aluminum alloy European standard tank mouth, optional Zhengxing, Hengshan, Sanjin, Changwen and other brand refueling machines, Large and small flow rates are optional, and flow meters can be used for measurement.

Detailed description

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The thickness of the tank is 5.7mm, the thickness of the head is 6mm, single-chamber structure, equipped with Shandong gear pump (pump in and out), 65mm self-flow port, an aluminum alloy European standard tank port, an aluminum alloy subsea valve, and a set of oil and gas recovery system. One fuel unloading valve, one set of anti-overflow alarm system, optional Shanghai Bailai small-flow tax-controlled fuel dispenser, 15-meter fuel reel with gun, one tool box, two fire extinguishers, standard aluminum all-gold folding guardrail, two The word “explosive”.
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