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Shacman gasoline tank truck

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Shaanxi Automobile Xuande 8 square 6 ton fuel tank truck picture

Shacman Xuande 8 cbm 6 ton fuel tank truck

Introduction Chassis description Shacman Xuande TJG131 wide-body luxury single-row cab, can be turned forward, nuclear-carrying 3 people, no dead-angle rearview mirror, electric glass, Weichai 130 horsepower Euro five engine, 96KW, WP3.7Q130E50, 5-speed gearbox, With auxiliary transmission, 1080 rear axle, 232 frame, 8.25R20 steel tires, with air conditioning, power steering, air brake, ABS, front disc brake, speed limit device, new regulations …

Shaanxi Automobile Delong M3000 front four rear eight 20-ton fuel tank truck pictures

Shacman Delong M3000 8×4 tons fuel tank truck

Introduction Chassis description The front four and the rear eight fuel tank trucks of Shacman Delong adopt the chassis of hazardous chemicals transporter produced by Shacman Company. The cab can choose the new M3000 or X3000 cab, and the engine can choose Weichai 300 horsepower or Weichai 336 horsepower engine, Shacman Fast 12-speed gearbox with high and low gears. When …

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