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Kitchen Garbage Truck

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Dongfeng suizhou 12 Fang Kitchen Garbage Truck

  • Specifications
Chassis description

1. The asphalt pump and pipeline must be cleaned when the distributor completes one operation or changes the construction site, otherwise it will not work next time. 2. Before spraying, the distributor must check whether the valve positions are correct. The hot bitumen added into the bitumen tank must reach a working temperature of 160~180℃. For long-distance transportation or working time is too long, a heating device can be used for heat preservation, but it cannot be used as an oil melting furnace. 3. The asphalt tank cannot be filled too full, and the fuel filler cap must be closed tightly to prevent the asphalt from overflowing during transportation. 4. When using a burner to heat the pitch in the tank, the pitch height must exceed the upper plane of the combustion chamber, otherwise the combustion chamber will be burned out. 5. If the asphalt pump and pipeline are blocked by the solidified asphalt, the pump cannot be forced to rotate, but a blowtorch can be used for baking. Avoid directly baking the ball valve and rubber parts. 6. When spraying asphalt at the beginning, start slowly and keep the car running at a low speed. Do not slam on the accelerator to prevent damage to the clutch, asphalt pump and other components. 7. After the daily operation is completed, if there is any remaining asphalt, it must be returned to the asphalt pool, otherwise it will not work next time if it solidifies in the tank. If the car or working device fails, it is determined that it cannot be repaired in a short time, and the asphalt in the tank must be drained.

Modification instructions

Only use 3950mm wheelbase chassis modification. The corresponding relationship of vehicle length (mm) / front overhang (mm) / approach angle (°) is: 7300/1450/24, 7100/1250/26 Protective material: Q235A carbon steel, connection Method: The left and right sides and the rear lower part of the protection are all welded together, the rear lower part protection section size (mm): 120×50, the rear lower part protection height (mm): 445. The ABS model is 3631010-C2000, and the manufacturer is Dongke Knorr-Bremse Commercial Vehicle Brake System (Shiyan) Co., Ltd. Installed a driving recorder with satellite positioning function. The vehicle is equipped with a side-mounted trash can lifting device, a closed trash can and other devices for the collection of kitchen waste.

Detailed description
HD pictures
 Dongfeng 12方餐厨垃圾车图片
 Dongfeng 12方餐厨垃圾车图片
 Dongfeng 12方餐厨垃圾车图片
 Dongfeng 12方餐厨垃圾车图片
illustrate in detail
The kitchen garbage truck is also called the kitchen waste truck or the swill truck. The kitchen garbage truck is a kind of garbage truck, which is used for collecting and transporting domestic waste, food waste (swill) and urban sludge. vehicle. Standard configuration of kitchen garbage truck: round carbon steel tank body, tank body thickness 5mm, tie rod elevator with upper cover linkage; rear cover is hydraulically opened; tank body is lifted and self-unloaded. Optional Neixuan dozer unloading, with slag-liquid separation function. The kitchen garbage truck can be divided into tank type and van type. Features of kitchen garbage truck: The modified part has the characteristics of high degree of automation in loading and unloading garbage, reliable work, good sealing, large loading volume, simple operation, closed operation process, no sewage leakage and odor emission, and good environmental protection. It can be equipped with standard trash bins of different specifications, which has a wide range of applicability. Kitchen garbage trucks are efficient and clean special vehicles for garbage collection and transportation.
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