Dongfeng Guoliu 5 Fang Kitchen Garbage Truck

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Chassis description

Dongfeng Duoliguo Six HLW5070TCA6EQ kitchen garbage truck, chassis model: EQ1075SJ3CDF, wheelbase 3308, engine can choose Chaochai 130 horsepower, box volume 5 cbm , with original air conditioner, electric remote control door lock, with hang-poke lifting mechanism, lift Self-unloading function, with cleaning device, hydraulic opening of the rear door with hydraulic locking, with sealing strip, hanging 240 liter bucket, internal with dozer, with solid-liquid separation, 304 stainless steel filter screen, integrated operation of flashlight.

Modification instructions

Slowly lift the barreled kitchen swill waste through the special lifting rack, and pour it into the compartment on the top of the car (the compartment can be divided into a box and a tank), and the thrown waste is squeezed by a powerful push plate, Solid-liquid separation is realized in the body, and the separated liquid enters the sewage tank at the bottom of the tank. The solid waste is compressed and stored in the tank, and the volume becomes smaller. After being filled up, it is repeatedly sent to the kitchen waste resource optimization treatment plant.

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