Sinotruk Shandeka 10 cubic mixer truck

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Sinotruk Shandeka 10 cubic Euro 6 emission mixer truck


Detailed vehicle parameters Euro 6 emission heavy truck Shandeka 10 cubic Euro 6 emission mixer truck Main technical data Product name Heavy truck Shandeka Euro 6 emission mixer truck Dimensions (mm) 1004024963850 Vehicle model ZZ5316GJBN306GF1 Tank volume (m3) 7.99 Front passenger 2 Environmental protection/exemption is the total mass


Detailed vehicle parameters

Purpose: mixer truck; cab: G5-F cab; engine: WP8.350E61 (with rear power take-off); transmission: HW15710L gearbox; front axle: H653 self-adjusting arm front axle (drum); drive axle: MCY12BGK automatic Adjustable double rear axle (drum); Frame: 8+5/300; Vertical direction machine: ZF vertical direction machine; Suspension: Front and rear small; Bumper: High-position all-metal bumper; ABS control system: ABS (4S/ 4M); Tire: 11.00R20; Speed ratio: 4.63; Fuel tank option: optional 300L fuel tank, optional cab: optional classic cab;. Standard air conditioning, electric glass, airbag main seat, manual sunroof, smart switch, remote control key, electric cab lift, wheel/axis differential lock, urea heating, in line with new regulations.

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