Sinotruk Ace Flatbed Transporter

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Chassis description

Sinotruk Ace Flatbed Transporter: Engine model: Yunnei 130 horsepower, transmission: small eight-speed, front and rear axles (tons): 3T/8T, wheelbase (m): 3.3, tires: 8.25-16, beam (mm) : 200*6, vehicle size (mm): 5995X2400x2680, carrying weight 10 tons.

Modification instructions

The whole series of cars are chassis and checkered plate combined tops, integral car board, tops equipped with 100*100 cbm steel combined frame, 5mm thick checkered plate, widened gantry, 2 reinforced rear ladders, and modified parts are made of plates Thickness: 5mm checkered plate, reinforced ladder. Beam: Encrypted to 30 work points, the height of the flat plate from the ground is 900mm-1100mm. The cargo platform is 3.5 meters-4.1 meters long, 2.3 meters and 2.4 meters wide. It is the most ideal vehicle for transporting 6-9 tons of small excavators, bulldozers, and harvesters.. Suitable for various road conditions.

Detailed description

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SINOTRUK’s ace red special beam-the red beam with independent intellectual property rights, using excellent P610L high-strength automobile special materials, rolling technology, CNC three-sided punching, underside electrophoresis, forming a super frame with ace characteristics, effective Avoid the defects of deformation and misalignment that often occur in double-layer girder, and increase the service life of the whole vehicle.

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