Dayun Folding Ladder Flatbed Truck

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Chassis description

Dayun’s new cab, wheelbase 3450mm, Yunnei 170 horsepower, small eight-speed gearbox, 2.7T/8T front and rear axles, 8.25R16 steel wire tires, the vehicle can carry 12 tons of excavator transportation.

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Dayun flatbed transporter mainly transports some small excavators, loaders, harvesters and other non-removable objects; Dayun flatbed transporter has been tested and can actually pull 10 tons of goods, which is suitable for the transportation of objects with a load of 8 tons and below. Yunnei’s 140-horsepower Euro five engine, with directional boost, ABS, auxiliary transmission, and pressurization. The panel is made of 5mm thick checkered plate, and the surface is covered with non-slip steel strips to make your transportation safer. The rear is equipped with a double climbing ladder, which is convenient for construction vehicles. It is safe to go up and down. The car has a Euro fuel bulletin and an environmental protection bulletin. It can be licensed and operated in all parts of the Euro .

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Advantages of Dayun Flatbed Transporter: Euro V emission, low price, sturdy and reliable vehicle, strong anti-turbulence, large engine horsepower, small !

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