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Shacman Delong 8×4 Tow/ Wrecker Truck

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Euro Sixth Shacman Automobile Delong Front Four Rear Eight Tow Crane Separation Wrecker Truck

Shacman Automobile Delong 8×4 trailer separation wrecker vehicle parameters
product name Shacman Automobile Delong Wrecker Vehicle model CLW5412TQZS6
Dimensions (mm) 11200×2550×3470 Top speed (km/h) 89
Total mass (kg) 41000 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 27850 Emission Standards Euro Six
Chassis parameters of Shacman Automobile Delong 8×4 trailer separation wrecker truck
Chassis model SX5419TXJMC6Z1 Chassis brand Shacman Automobile
Number of axes 4 Gearbox 12-speed fast
Wheelbase (mm) 1800+3575+1400 engine Weichai 400 horsepower
Number of tires 12 Tire specifications 12.00R20 18PR
Shacman Automobile Delong 8×4 trailer separation wrecker truck body configuration
Chassis configuration It adopts Shacman Automobile Delong M3000 cab, Weichai 400 horsepower engine, 12-speed Fast gearbox, 16-ton rear axle, 7.5-ton front axle, air-conditioning, ABS, driving recorder, 12.00R20 tires.
Upload configuration 30T20D top loading, combined top loading, imported valve, two-section six-sided boom, three-section support arm, split carriage, double-sided linkage operating device, two 10-ton hydraulic winches, 45-meter steel wire rope, diameter 18MM , Equipped with four sets of steel forks, one set of fork sets, one set of steel plate lifting lugs, one set of tire holding device. One long row of engineering lights. One set of auxiliary lights, one set of auxiliary air pipe assembly, and two bundled chains.



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