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JAC Junling V5 One-to-Two Flatbed Wrecker

  • Specifications

JAC Junling V5 One-to-Two Flatbed Wrecker Euro VI

 Euro  Sixth Jianghuai Junling V5 One-to-Two Flatbed Wrecker Truck
The vehicle parameters of JAC Junling V5 one-to-two flat wrecker truck
product name JAC Junling V5 one-to-two wrecker Vehicle model CLW5041TQZH6
Dimensions (mm) 5995×2300×2235 Top speed (km/h) 100
Total mass (kg) 4495 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 3800 Emission Standards Euro Six
JAC Junling V5 one-to-two flat wrecker chassis parameters
Chassis model HFC1045P22K2C7ZS Chassis brand JAC
Number of axes 2 Gearbox 5 gears
Wheelbase (mm) 3365 engine 130 horsepower
Number of tires 6 Tire specifications 7.00R16LT 8PR
Top configuration of JAC Junling V5 one-to-two flat wrecker truck
Chassis configuration It adopts JAC Junling V5 chassis, Anhui Cummins 130 horsepower engine, wheelbase 3365mm, single row 1900 wide cab, Xingrui variable speed box, air brake, 4.5 tons rear axle, 7.00R16 tires, 180*6 beam, electric Doors and windows, central control lock, remote control key, cruise control, multi-function steering wheel, heated rearview mirror, original air conditioner.
Upload configuration 3 tons of bodywork, 4 tons of hoisting, 20 meters of steel wire rope, back support arm, main board is about 4.2 meters, tail plate is 1 meter. Width 2.3 meters, double-sided linkage operation. It can be used as full hydraulic flipping tail plate, hydraulic telescopic tail plate and integrated plate, equipped with a set of police light megaphone. A set of auxiliary trolley, four binding belts, one pair of L-shaped forks, A pair of rotating drums, chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, warranty manual.



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