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Jac Kangling J5 wrecker truck with crane 3ton-8ton

Overall Dimension (mm):5995×2550×3030

Drive Type:4*2 LHD

Wheelbase (mm):3600

Engine Model:Yunnei Dewei 140 horsepower engine

Jac Kangling J5 wrecker truck with crane 3ton-8ton  is a very practical rescue equipment that can carry out rescue operations in various road conditions.



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Street writer power engineering vehicle, also known as trailer, is a road clearing vehicle that consists of a chassis, a walking and lifting device, a lifting and pulling device, a hydraulic system, an electronic control system, a vehicle body, and a toolbox. It has multiple functions such as lifting, pulling, and lifting and guiding, and is suitable for clearing obstacles on highways and urban roads

key Features

1.Chassis configuration: Jianghuai Kangling J5 wide body 1950 cab, Yunnei Dewei 140 horsepower engine, Wanliyang 5-speed transmission, wheelbase 3600, wedge type air brake, 180 double-layer frame, 2 tons front axle, 4 tons rear axle, 700R16 steel wire tires, 100L high endurance, real leather covered seats, cruise control, PTO remote throttle!

2.Upper configuration: Lightweight integrated board, with a length of 5.3 meters and a width of 2.3 meters, dual linkage operation device, 8 thick slides, 1 4-ton hydraulic winch (with 25 meters of steel wire rope), with a 4-ton rear lift, 1 toolbox, 2 rear work lights, 2 tire guards, 2 auxiliary wheel carts, 4 straps, and license plate lights!



Vehicle Name Jac Kangling J5 wrecker truck with crane 3ton-8ton
Brand Jac Kangling J5
Engine Power &


Engine Model Yunnei Dewei 140 horsepower engine
Engine Brand Yunnei Dewei
Fuel Type Diesel
Displacement / Power 2.93HP
Engine Type 4 Cylinders Inline
Emission Stand EuroⅡ
Number of Gears 12 Forward, 2 Reverse
Chassis Wheelbase (mm) 3600
Drive Type 4*2 LHD
No. of Axles 2
Axles Loading 9.5T+16T×2
Cab Seats 2,3
Max Speed (km/h) 89
Tire 7.00R16
Tire No.’s 12+1 Spare
Whole Truck Gross Weight (kg) 4495
Curb Weight (kg) 3560
Overall Dimension (mm) 5995×2550×3030
Truck Loading Approach 3-8T
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