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Euro Five Foton Ouma 10 Ton Sprinkler

Chassis description

Foton Omarco 9.2 ton sprinkler, chassis adopts Foton Omarco 2005 single-row with flipping cab, Cummins 154 horsepower Euro V diesel engine, 6-speed gearbox, 825R20 steel wire tire, with direction assist, ABS, air brake, belt Air-conditioning, cruise control.

Modification instructions

Modification configuration: The tank body is made of 4MM carbon steel plate, and the inner partition of the tank has anti-wave function to reduce the impact of the tank body liquid when the car is driving. The vehicle is equipped with a special sprinkler pump (maximum vertical suction range is 6 meters), the sprinkler width is 14 meters, and the range is 28 meters. The multi-function sprinkler is equipped with 2 front sprays (can wash away mud, dust and garbage on the road); 2 rear sprays (can evenly spray water on the road, a spray width of 14 meters), 2 side sprays (Sprinkler) (can evenly water the roadside green belt), with a rear working platform, and a green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform (the sprinkler can be rotated in all directions, and can be continuously adjusted into a straight, heavy rain, Light rain, drizzle, and fog can be adjusted to flush tall trees), water diversion time <5min, flow rate 90m3/h. With 1 fire connector, 1 artesian valve, 1 filter device, humanized ladder and side guard rails, and sprinkler music horn installed.

Detailed description
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