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  • Euro Five Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 Sprinkler

    1.Number of axles: 3

    2.Front track: 2040(mm)

    3.Wheelbase: 4350+1350, 5350+1350, 5700+1350, 3800+1350

    4.Rear track: 1860/1860(mm)

    5.Tire size: 11.00-20 18PR,11.00R20 16PR,295/80R22.5 16PR

    6.Fuel type: Diesel spring number: 8/9,8/10,9/10

    7.Effective tank volume, 14.34 m3

    8.tank body dimensions: 6500/2250/1450 (mm)

    • Specifications

    Introduction of  water truck’s Chassis description

    Number of axles: 3 Front track: 2040(mm) Wheelbase: 4350+1350, 5350+1350, 5700+1350, 3800+1350 Rear track: 1860/1860(mm) Number of tires: 10 Tire size: 11.00-20 18PR,11.00R20 16PR,295/80R22.5 16PR Fuel type: Diesel spring number: 8/9,8/10,9/10 Axle load: 7000/18000 (two-axle group) Number of passengers in the cab: 2,3 Vehicle remarks: 1. The transportation medium is water, density: 1000 kg/m3, effective tank volume, 14.34 m3; tank body dimensions (long/long axis/short axis) (mm): 6500/2250/1450 ;2, the side protection and rear lower protection device materials are all made of Q235A, the connection method: the left and right sides and the rear lower protection are all welded, and the rear protection section size (mm): 150×50×5, the rear protection is off the ground Height (mm): 510; 3. ABS manufacturer: East Koknor Commercial Vehicle Brake System (Shiyan) Co., Ltd.; Model: 3631010-C2000; 4. The position of the text spray image and the color of the vehicle can be changed; 5. With the chassis Optional cab.

    Modification instructions of Dongfeng Tianlong 6×4 Sprinkler

    Main technical parameters of Chengliwei CLW5250GSSD5 sprinkler product name: Outer dimensions of sprinkler: 9960×2500×3350,3770(mm) Chassis model: DFL1250A13 Cargo compartment size: ××(mm) Total mass: 25000(Kg) Close to/ Departure angle: 14/12(°) Rated quality: 13665,13730(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1480/2080,1480/2220,1500/2060,1500/2200(mm) Curb weight: 11140(Kg) highest Speed: 90 (km/h) Engine Engine Manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw) ISD245 50 ISD270 50 Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. 6700 6700 180 198 Emission Standard: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Ⅴ

    Detailed description of Dongfeng  6×4 Sprinkler

    国五东风 天龙后双桥洒水车图片
    国五东风 天龙后双桥洒水车图片
    国五东风 天龙后双桥洒水车图片
    国五东风 天龙后双桥洒水车图片
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