Nanjun 6 cbm cement mixer truck

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Engine advantages: Yuchai’s 130-hp National Five EFI engine has authentic Euro IV emission standards. The engine has strong power, faster upgrade, more economical and fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly and pollution-free! Gearbox advantages: 8-speed gearbox, large torque, fast climbing, international quality, high quality, light operation. Mixer reducer: international imported brand quality, stable operation, low failure rate Mixer hydraulic system: all use internationally renowned hydraulics System, the tank operation is more stable, the unloading speed is faster, and the residual rate is low
Chassis description

Name: Sichuan Nanjun mixer truck Model: 6 cbm concrete mixer truck Engine: Yuchai 130 horsepower size: 705023803650mm Transmission: 8-speed gearbox volume: 6 cbm meters (6 cbm mixer truck) Front axle: 3.6 tons Cab: South Jun cab rear axle: 9 tons brake: air brake wheelbase: 3600mm steering: direction assistant axis number: 2 (single axle) speed: 83 (km/h) drive: (4×2) retrofit: ABS (anti-slip) Locking) Number of tires: 6 Tires: 9.00R20/9.00-20 Chassis emission standard: ( Euro Five Standards-No worries on the license)

Modification instructions

Tank body parameters (6 cbm mixer truck) Tank body material: Alloy steel (special wear-resistant material---increasing tank life by more than 3 times) Cylinder body material: 16 manganese steel 5mm alloy steel Blade material: Baosteel 520 5mm alloy steel ( Add wear-resistant strips to increase service life) Head material: 6mm alloy steel reducer: joint venture RJ hydraulic system: sunny (pure import) Water supply system: 300L water tank air pressure water supply cooling system: Kaitong radiator/Xinxiang radiator feed speed : Feeding speed m3/min≥3 Discharging speed: Discharging speed m3/min ≥ 2 Discharge residual rate: Discharge residual rate (%) ≤0.5 Operation mode: Three-way operation of left and right sides and cab Discharge range: 180 °Up, down, left and right height adjustment safety device: add leakage receiving device

Detailed description

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