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Jinbei ambulance Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance

  • Specifications
Chassis description

Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance, wheelbase shi92590, engine displacement is 2/92KW, 5-speed, rear drive,

Modification instructions

Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance, high-top gasoline type, appearance size is 5070*1690*2450, announcement parameter is SY5033XJH-DISBH, 6-passenger passenger, ultra-simple type.

Detailed description

Jiuli Automobile can provide ambulance brands such as Ford ambulance , Dongfeng ambulance , Mercedes-Benz ambulance, Jiangling Teshun ambulance , Jinbei ambulance , Chase ambulance , Foton ambulance , Iveco ambulance .

A front view of a Jinbei ambulance;

The left side view of the Erjinbei ambulance is shown;

The Sanjinbei ambulance is shown on the right side;

Interior drawing of Sijinbei ambulance;

Figure shows the tail of the Gold Cup after five ambulances;

The company promises: If you order our vehicles, our company will send you to the designated place and go through a full set of driving procedures. We also hope that you can visit our factory and negotiate business. All products produced and sold by our company, the chassis part, and the Euro service stations can be guaranteed. The special part has three guarantees for one year, after-sales service is in place for 48 hours, and is responsible for lifelong maintenance and provides lifelong free technical services.

HD pictures
金杯救护车 金杯大海狮2.7救护车图片
金杯救护车 金杯大海狮2.7救护车图片
金杯救护车 金杯大海狮2.7救护车图片
金杯救护车 金杯大海狮2.7救护车图片
illustrate in detail
Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance is equipped with ambulance sign lamps; after the option, the door will be opened. Customized color bars can be installed on the outer surface of the car body according to user needs.
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