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Jinbei ambulance

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Golden Cup Ambulance Golden Cup Sea Lion 2.7 Ambulance Picture

Jinbei ambulance Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance, wheelbase shi92590, engine displacement is 2/92KW, 5-speed, rear drive, Modification instructions Jinbei Sea Lion 2.7 ambulance, high-top gasoline type, appearance size is 5070*1690*2450, announcement parameter is SY5033XJH-DISBH, 6-passenger passenger, ultra-simple type. Detailed description Jiuli Automobile can provide ambulance brands such as Ford ambulance , Dongfeng ambulance , Mercedes-Benz ambulance, Jiangling Teshun ambulance …

Golden Cup Superman High-top Ambulance Picture

Jinbei Superman High-top Ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Main technical data of the product Product name: Jinbei high-top superman ambulance Dimensions (mm): 5420x1880x2430,2550 Chassis model: Cargo compartment size (mm): ×× Total weight: (kg) 3250 Approach/departure angle (°) ) 17/19 Rated mass: (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 1190/1120 Curb weight: (kg) 2460,2500 Maximum speed (km/h): 150 Axle load: 1540/1710 Modification instructions Main technical data of the …

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