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Ford ambulance new generation (short axle) ambulance picture

Ford ambulance new generation (short axle) ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Chassis model JX6500TA-L5 Vehicle Jiangling Automobile Co., Ltd. Chassis Enterprise: Number of tires 4 Number of springs: -/2 Tire size: 215/75R16LT Transmission type: Front track: 1745 Rear track: 1700 Chassis emission standard: GB17691- 2005 Euro V, GB3847-2005 Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel Consumption: Engine Model Engine Manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw) DURATORQ4D225H Jiangling Motors Co., Ltd. 2198 100 …

Foton ambulance Foton G7 ambulance pictures

Foton ambulance Foton G7 ambulance

Introduction Chassis description [Chassis technical parameters] Chassis model, chassis name, brand name, manufacturer’s overall dimensions (mm) 4840×1695×2175,2435 Tire number 4 Approach angle/departure angle (°) 15/16.5 Tire specification 195R15C,195/70R15LT Leaf spring Number -/4,-/5 Front track (mm) 1470 Fuel type Gasoline rear track (mm) 1465 Emission standard Euro V, Euro V engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw) 4Q20M Beiqi Foton …

Ford new generation short axle ambulance pictures

Ford new generation short axle ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Vehicle Name: Ambulance Announcement Batch: 298 Product Trademark Chengliwei Brand Product Number Vehicle Model: CLW5040XJHJ5 Catalog Number: (17) 74 Fuel: Exemption: Exemption: Release Date: 20170728 Total Mass 3550 (Kg) Volume: Rated Load Mass (Kg) Curb weight 2300 (Kg) Overall dimensions 4963×2000×2560, 2400, 2242 (mm) Cargo compartment size××(mm) Rated passenger capacity 3-9 (person) Quasi-trailer total weight (kg) Cab …

Mercedes-Benz New Vito Ambulance Picture

Mercedes-Benz New Vito Ambulance

Introduction Chassis description The new Mercedes-Benz Vito has a high-roof cab, engine displacement is 2.0T, power is 155kw, automatic 7-speed, front drive Modification instructions The new Mercedes-Benz Vito ambulance has a high-top model, an exterior size of 5370*1928*2380, a model of CPY5032XJHSHTBO, a passenger capacity of 6, and a guardianship type. Detailed description Reference configuration of Mercedes-Benz ambulance : ambulance …

Chase V80 Long Axis Ambulance Picture

Chase V80 long axis ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Main technical data of Beiling BBL5044XJH Ambulance Product Name: Beiling BBL5044XJH Ambulance Dimensions (mm): 5910,5785,5700x1998x2405 Chassis Model: Cargo Compartment Dimensions (mm): ×× Total Weight: (kg ) 3800 Approach/departure angle (°) 26/14,26/14,26/17 Rated mass: (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 865/1195,865/1070,865/985 Curb weight: (kg) 2680 Maximum speed (km/h): 150,100 Axle load: 1760/2040 Modification instructions Main technical data of Beiling …

Chase Long Axis Monitoring Type Ambulance Picture

Chase long-axis monitoring ambulance

Introduction Chassis description The main technical data of the Chase brand SH5041XJHA4D5 ambulance product Product name: Chase brand SH5041XJHA4D5 type ambulance Dimensions (mm): 5700,5910x1998x2510,2715,2650 Chassis model: Cargo compartment size (mm): ×× Total mass: (kg ) 3800 Approach/departure angle (°) 26/17,26/14 Rated mass: (kg) Front suspension/rear suspension (mm): 865/985,865/1195 Curb weight: (kg) 2400,2520,2660,2800 ,2975 Maximum speed (km/h): 150 Axle load: 1760/2040 …

Volkswagen Ambulance Imported Volkswagen Kailu Ambulance Picture

Volkswagen ambulance imported Volkswagen Kailu ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Imported Volkswagen Kailu ambulance, gasoline used, wheelbase is 3400, engine displacement is 2.0T, power is 150kw, automatic 7-speed, front-wheel drive, Modification instructions The imported Volkswagen Kailu ambulance has a high-roof cab, the appearance size is 5304*1904*2485, the vehicle model is GPY5030XJHSHTD1, the guardianship ambulance, the number of passengers is 6 Detailed description Jiuli Automobile can provide ambulance …

Picture of Ford V362 Long Axis Transport Ambulance

Ford V362 long axis transport ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Ford ambulance V362 long axis transport type ambulance configuration: long row diamond police light assembly; folding stretcher; oxygen cylinder; buoy-type oxygen inhaler; medicine cabinet assembly; central partition assembly; ultraviolet disinfection lamp; indoor lighting Lights; first aid signs; infusion bottle holders. Modification instructions Basic configuration 1. 1 portable foldable stretcher; 2. 1 medical cabinet; 3. 1 fixed installation …

Ford Ambulance Ford New Transit Ambulance Picture

Ford Ambulance Ford New Transit Ambulance

Introduction Chassis description The rim decoration board is optional with the chassis. Optional vehicle rear wing and roof ventilation fans. Optional in-line or U-shaped special vehicle sign lights, in-line special vehicle sign lights can be installed on the roof or on the boss of the forehead of the vehicle. The height of the special vehicle marking light at the forehead …

Dongfeng Yufeng Medical Ambulance Picture

Dongfeng Yufeng Medical Ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Dimensions Length 5000, 5250 × width 2036 × height 2375, 2675 Total mass 3510 Number of seats 2-9 (person) Wheelbase 3100 (mm) Maximum speed 150 (km/h) Tire size 215/75 R16C Displacement 2953ml Power 110kw Fuel Type Diesel Emission Standard GB18352.3-2005 Euro IV, GB3847-2005 Modification instructions Dimensions Length 5000, 5250 × width 2036 × height 2375, 2675 Total …

Futian Ambulance Foton G9 High Roof Ambulance Picture

Futian ambulance Futian G9 high roof ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Vehicle technical parameters A Engine model BJ486EQV4 Fuel type Gasoline working mode In-line 4-cylinder/8 valve/multi-point electronic injection displacement cm3 2237 cm3 Emission standard Euro IV emission (standard) Wheelbase mm 1998 mm Turning diameter m ≤12 m Vehicle Body size mm 5320 mm×1690 mm×2425 mm Rescue cabin size mm 3200 mm×1600 mm×1680 mm Vehicle curb weight kg 1686 …

Ford Ambulance Ford V362 Bottom Axle Ambulance Picture

Ford ambulance Ford V362 bottom axle ambulance

Introduction Chassis description Ford’s new Transit is equipped with Ford’s new 2.0T gasoline (diesel) oil engine, 5-speed manual transmission, Bosch 9.1 version of the electronic body stabilization system, and four-wheel disc brakes. The cab is equipped with sedan-like interior trim, instrument panel, dual airbags, 6-way adjustable cab seats, high-end configuration inside and outside, seckill other light passengers. Modification instructions The …

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