Faw V flat transport truck

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Chassis description

Xichai 180 horsepower engine, 8-speed gearbox, 4T/9T front and rear axles, 9.00R20 steel tires, 240 double-layer girder, vehicle size: 9000×2500×2900mm (length * width * height)

Modification instructions

Parameter configuration of flatbed transporter of Faw Ⅴ 4x2 excavator. Basic details of parameter description. Top-mounted configuration of flatbed transporter of Faw Ⅴ 4x2 excavator: 6.5m long plate (including slope), reinforced double spring ladder, 5mm anti-skid Patterned steel plate, the authentic five-car nationwide can be easily registered!

Detailed description
HD pictures
illustrate in detail
This Faw V Euro five-powered flatbed transporter is driven by the Long V, with a body wheelbase of 5250mm, which is the longer version of the flatbed vehicle. Generally speaking, the long-wheelbase vehicle is suitable for transporting larger construction machinery. Car, but it is not conducive to tighter corners. The chassis also performed top ten, strong. Its exhaust emission complies with the Euro five standards, and its horsepower has been upgraded from 170 to 180 compared to the previous product. The strong transportation power is more popular with new and old customers!

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