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Liberation flat car

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Jiefang J6 Flatbed Transport Truck Picture

Jiefang J6 Flatbed Transporter

Introduction Chassis description The Jiefang J6 excavator trailer adopts the new Euro Fifth Jiefang J6L chassis, J6L with luxury sleeper cab, high-end atmosphere, high configuration, comfortable driving, Dachai Deutz 4-cylinder 180 horsepower engine, 9 meters in length, 9 tons rear axle , 9.00R20 steel wire tire, with original air conditioner, ABS, driving recorder Modification instructions The Euro Fifth Jiefang J6 …

8x4 flat transport vehicles Faw

8×4 flat transport vehicles Faw

Introduction Chassis description Xichai 350 horsepower, Jiefang 12-speed gearbox, 7T/16T front and rear axles, 11.00R20 steel wire tires, 300mm double-layer girder, vehicle size 11380*2550*3600mm Modification instructions The flat bottom beam adopts 100*100*5mm cbm tube, the bottom plate adopts 5mm or 8mm checkered plate, with encrypted diagonal support, the ladder adopts double spring reinforced design, adopts three ribs + double spring …

Picture of Shuangqiao 20-ton flatbed truck after liberation

6×4 20-ton flatbed truck Faw

Introduction Modification instructions The length of the slab is about 8 meters, the slope is 0.9 meters, the beam is 120*120*6mm Euro standard cbm steel, and the frame is 14.5mm*14.5mm*6mm Euro standard cbm steel. The cargo box slab adopts 8mm or 10mm thick checkered plate, and the ladder adopts double spring design. Simple outriggers, optional hydraulic folding ladder, manual telescopic …

Jiefanglong V Flatbed Transporter Picture

Faw V flat transport truck

Introduction Chassis description Xichai 180 horsepower engine, 8-speed gearbox, 4T/9T front and rear axles, 9.00R20 steel tires, 240 double-layer girder, vehicle size: 9000×2500×2900mm (length * width * height) Modification instructions Parameter configuration of flatbed transporter of Faw Ⅴ 4×2 excavator. Basic details of parameter description. Top-mounted configuration of flatbed transporter of Faw Ⅴ 4×2 excavator: 6.5m long plate (including slope), …

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