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Jiefang J6P refrigerated truck

  • Specifications

Jiefang J6P refrigerated truck

brand Liberation card Emission Standards Country 6
Interior size (mm) 9210×2420×2500 Internal volume (m3) 55
Dimensions (mm) 12000×2600×4000 Rated mass (Kg) 16970
Number of seats (persons) 2, 3 Curb weight (Kg) 16970
Yellow card Total mass (Kg) 31000
Engine horsepower Xichai 420 Xichai 460
Cooling temperature -5 degrees to -18 degrees
Vehicle advantage The compartment has a large volume and the price is affordable ( you can choose a high roof or a low roof )


Jiefang J6P refrigerated truck  Vehicle model: CA5310XLCP66K24L7T4E6, optional 460 or 420 horsepower


Refrigerated car body structure Jiefang J6P refrigerated truck :

It adopts polyester wet panel making technology and glass fiber reinforced whole wooden box frame structure, and uses the internationally advanced fifth-generation fully enclosed polyurethane panel bonding method.
Material of refrigerated compartment board Jiefang J6P refrigerated truck :
The inner and outer wall panels are made of domestic high-quality machine-made 2.2mm glass fiber reinforced plastic; the middle insulation material is made of imported polyurethane; the thickness of the car body is 80mm , and the thickness of the door is 80mm ; (Wall panels can be selected: ①Glass steel, ②Color steel plate, ③Aluminum alloy, ④Stainless steel).
Refrigerated car body accessories Jiefang J6P refrigerated truck :
The car body is surrounded by 2.5mm aluminum alloy edging, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, 4 pieces of anti-collision rubber, stainless steel door frames, stainless steel hinges, and energy-saving lights in the compartment.
Heat insulation material of refrigerated truck:
1. Uniform foaming and low density;
2. The thermal conductivity is small, less than 0.045 W/(m·K) ;
3. The stability to temperature changes is good, and the use performance meets the specified requirements within the temperature range of -40 to 70 ℃;
4. It has a certain degree of mechanical strength and can withstand the vibration and impact of the car in harsh road conditions without damage or deformation;
5. Low water absorption and moisture absorption, good frost resistance;
6. Non-toxic and tasteless, with low air permeability.
Refrigeration unit:
The refrigerating unit is a well-known domestic brand Hanxue or Huatai top-mounted unit, and the temperature of the body is 5 degrees above minus 18 degrees below zero; (imported units from Korea Hana, American Carrier, K brand, Cold King, etc. can be selected)
Optional installation according to customer needs:
Visual cabin temperature monitor, temperature controller, temperature printer, ventilation slot, etc. in the cab.
Vehicle issued:
Formal chassis certificate, formal vehicle certificate, formal vehicle purchase tax invoice, national unified vehicle-mounted tools, vehicle warranty manual, vehicle instruction manual, national service station directory, etc. Let you go home worry-free, convenient and fast !


Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle name: Refrigerated truck Announcement batch: 340
Product Trademark Liberation card product code
Vehicle model: CA5310XLCP66K2L7T4E5 Catalog number: 1
Fuel: Exemption:
Exemption: release date: 20210129
Total mass 31000(Kg) Volume:
Rated contained mass 16970,16905(Kg) Curb quality 13900(Kg)
Dimensions 12000×2550, 2600×4000(mm) Cargo compartment size 9160,9210,9600×2290,2410,2420×2430,2500(mm)
Rated passenger (people) Total mass of semi-trailer 9800(kg)
Cab: Front passenger: 2,3 (people)
Anti-lock brake system: have Load quality utilization factor 1.23
Approach / departure angle: 20/12(°) Front suspension/rear suspension: 1470/2380,1470/2580,1500/2350,1500/2550,1500/2750(mm)
Number of axes: 4 Wheelbase: 2100+4500+1350, 2100+4700+1350, 1900+4500+1350(mm)
Axle load: 6500/6500/18000 (two-axis group) Maximum speed: 105,89(km/h)
other The top of the carriage is closed and cannot be opened. The optional double side door, the double single door on the right, the optional face-changing cab, the optional driving temperature recorder, the optional hydraulic tailgate, the horizontal length of the tailboard in the retracted state is 300mm, the tail The weight of the board is 550kg, the high-roof cab is optional, and other models with equivalent power are optional, the manufacturer’s refrigeration unit, built-in refrigeration unit, installation of driving recorder with satellite positioning function, ABS manufacturer: Changchun Kemi Automobile Brake Co., Ltd., model: CM4XL, the crossbar material of the side protection device is Q235, bolt connection, no hydraulic tail plate: the crossbeam material of the rear lower protection device is 700L, bolt connection, the cross-sectional size is 120×90mm, and the ground height is 480mm , Equipped with hydraulic tail plate: The beam material of the rear lower protection device is 16MnREL, and the protection is bolted to the tail plate and linked with the tail plate. The cross-sectional size is 120×90mm, and the ground clearance is 500mm. CA6DL2-35E5, CA6DL2-31E5, CA6DM2-39E51, CA6DM2-42E51, CA6DK1-32E5, CA6DM2-42E52, CA6DM2-46E52, CA6DM2-39E52), 36.5 when using CA1310P66K24L7T4E5 chassis , CA6DM2-46E51, CA6DM2-46E52, CA6DM3-50E5, CA6DL3-37E5, CA6DM3-55E52, CA6DM2-46E53, CA6DM2-39E52, CA6DM3-55E51), the vehicle length corresponding relationship: 12000=1470+2100+4700+1350+ 2380,12000=1470+2100+4500+1350+2580,12000=1500+2100+4700+1350+2350,12000=1500+2100+4500+1350+2550,12000=1500+1900+4500+1350+2750, Front axle optional disc brake, optional speed limit device, speed limit 89km/h, optional Jiefang standard
Chassis technical parameters
Chassis model CA1310P66K2L7T4E5 Chassis enterprise: China FAW Group Co., Ltd.
Number of tires 12 Number of springs: 10/10/12, 9/9/10, 3/3/10, 3/3/4, 3/3/5, 9/10/10, 12/12/12
Tire specifications: 12.00R20 18PR,11.00R20,12R22.5,315/80R22.5 18PR,275/80R22.5 Transmission type:
Front track: 1950/1950, 1980/1980, 2050/2050 Rear track: 1847/1847,1878/1878
Chassis emission standards: GB17691-2005 National V, GB3847-2005
Fuel type: diesel fuel Fuel consumption: 40.66,40.23,40.92,41.0,37.5,36.5
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. China FAW Group Co., Ltd. 8600
Logo enterprise: Jiangsu Linhui Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Daoming Optical Co., Ltd., Anhui United Safety Technology Co., Ltd. Vin vehicle identification code: LFNFVXPX××××××××× LFNFVXNX××××××××× LFNFVXRX×××××××××× LFNFVXSX×××××××××
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