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Jiefang Jh6 refrigerated truck

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Jiefang Jh6 refrigerated truck

Vehicle model: CA5310XLCP25K2L7T4E6A80

Choose Xichai 465 horsepower engine: CA6DM2-46E6

Refrigerated car body structure of Jiefang Jh6 refrigerated truck:

It adopts polyester wet panel making technology and glass fiber reinforced whole wooden box frame structure, and uses the internationally advanced fifth-generation fully enclosed polyurethane panel bonding method.
Material of refrigerated compartment board:
The inner and outer wall panels are made of domestic high-quality machine-made 2.2mm glass fiber reinforced plastic; the middle insulation material is made of imported polyurethane; the thickness of the car body is 80mm , and the thickness of the door is 80mm ; (Wall panels can be selected: ①Glass steel, ②Color steel plate, ③Aluminum alloy, ④Stainless steel).
Refrigerated car body accessories:
The car body is surrounded by 2.5mm aluminum alloy edging, stainless steel corners, stainless steel door locks, 4 pieces of anti-collision rubber, stainless steel door frames, stainless steel hinges, and energy-saving lights in the compartment.
Heat insulation material of refrigerated truck:
1. Uniform foaming and low density;
2. The thermal conductivity is small, less than 0.045 W/(m·K) ;
3. The stability to temperature changes is good, and the use performance meets the specified requirements within the temperature range of -40 to 70 ℃;
4. It has a certain degree of mechanical strength and can withstand the vibration and impact of the car in harsh road conditions without damage or deformation;
5. Low water absorption and moisture absorption, good frost resistance;
6. Non-toxic and tasteless, with low air permeability.
Refrigeration unit of Jiefang Jh6 refrigerated truckFAW:
The refrigerating unit is a well-known domestic brand Hanxue or Huatai top-mounted unit, and the temperature of the body is 5 degrees above minus 18 degrees below zero; (imported units from Korea Hana, American Carrier, K brand, Cold King, etc. can be selected)
Optional installation according to customer needs:
Visual cabin temperature monitor, temperature controller, temperature printer, ventilation slot, etc. in the cab.
Vehicle issued:
Formal chassis certificate, formal vehicle certificate, formal vehicle purchase tax invoice, national unified vehicle-mounted tools, vehicle warranty manual, vehicle instruction manual, national service station directory, etc. Let you go home worry-free, convenient and fast !


Vehicle technical parameters
Vehicle name: Refrigerated truck Announcement batch: 284
Product Trademark Qingling product code
Vehicle model: QL5250XLCDTFZJ Catalog number: (Twenty-one) 19
Fuel: Exemption:
Exemption: release date: 20160520
Total mass 25000(Kg) Volume:
Rated contained mass 13605(Kg) Curb quality 11200(Kg)
Dimensions 11785×2470,2530×3880(mm) Cargo compartment size 9300×2270×2270,2235(mm)
Rated passenger (people) Total mass of semi-trailer (kg)
Cab: Front passenger: 3 (people)
Anti-lock brake system: have Load quality utilization factor 1.23
Approach / departure angle: 26/7(°) Front suspension/rear suspension: 1335/3450(mm)
Number of axes: 3 Wheelbase: 5700+1300(mm)
Axle load: 7000/18000 (parallel installation of double shafts) Maximum speed: 90(km/h)
other 1. The top of the car body is closed and cannot be opened; 2. A wide front bumper is optional; 3. The side door is not optional on the right side of the car body. When the side door is not optional, the width of the vehicle is 2470mm; 4. The floor of the car body can be Optional T-profile, when T-profile is selected, the internal height of the cargo compartment is 2235mm; 5.Side protection material: steel Q235, connection method: bolted to the carriage beam; rear protection material: steel plate Q235, plate thickness 3.0mm, connection Method: The rear protective bracket is bolted to the end of the frame longitudinal beam, the rear protective section size: 200×105 (mm), the ground clearance: 450mm; 6. The vehicle is equipped with a driving recorder with satellite positioning function; 7. The car is equipped with ABS, ABS model: APG3550500H1, manufacturer: Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd., ABS controller model: APG3550500H1, ABS controller manufacturer: Zhejiang Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. 8, engine net power 138kw.
Chassis technical parameters
Chassis model QL1250DTFZY Chassis enterprise: Qingling Motors Co., Ltd.
Number of tires 10 Number of springs: 9/10
Tire specifications: 11.00-20 18PR Transmission type:
Front track: 1960 Rear track: 1855/1855
Chassis emission standards: GB17691-2005 (National IV), GB3847-2005
Fuel type: diesel fuel Fuel consumption: 37
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
6HK1-TCSG40 Qingling Isuzu (Chongqing) Engine Co., Ltd. 7790 206
Logo enterprise: Hubei Huanyu Car Light Co., Ltd., Jiali Color Printing Factory, Dingxing County, Hebei Province Vin vehicle identification code: LWLYXZDK×××××××××
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