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Isuzu 8 ton cleaning and sweeping truck (4 water/5 dust)

  • Specifications
Chassis description

The Isuzu 3815 wheelbase scrubber adopts the original QL1070A5KAY chassis and is equipped with Isuzu 4KH1CN5HS diesel engine. Engine Euro V emission 130 horsepower 96 kilowatts, Isuzu MSB five-speed gearbox, with air conditioning, direction assist front axle 2.5 tons, rear axle 4.8 tons, with ABS, standard 7.00R16 steel wire tires, dual-circuit oil brake, single row can be Turn over the cab. The standard configuration of the multifunctional Isuzu 5- cbm cleaning and sweeping truck 1. Cummins 140 horsepower auxiliary engine. 2. Italian motor. 3. Taiwan hydraulic solenoid valve group. 4. Hangzhou Weilong low-pressure water pump, wide hedge. 5. German Schneider door control switch, German imported high-pressure pump 6. Stainless steel dustbin, water tank, dustbin self-cleaning device. 7. The box body is raised and lowered, and the reverse automatic protection device and the rear door switch safety protection sensor device are installed. 8. Integrated control, one-button start, multi-function voice prompt al lift 9. Oil, trash can, water tank are equipped with anti-overflow or low al lift device 10. Low pressure water circuit pneumatic ball valve control 11. Dual camera-reversing and washing and sweeping status in the cab monitoring . 12. 18m high pressure washing reel. The cleaning width is 3.5 meters; the cleaning pressure is 10MPa; the suction particle size is φ100mm.

Modification instructions

This washing and sweeping truck adopts the Isuzu 600P Euro V-Class II chassis modification, and is equipped with auxiliary engines, fans, high-pressure water pumps, clean water tanks, dustbins, left and right vertical sweeps, wide suction nozzles with spray rods, low-pressure washing systems, and dustbin automatic Clean, sweeping dust suppression system, hydraulic system, special equipment electric control system and sub-frame, etc. are refitted

Detailed description
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车(4水/5尘)图片
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车(4水/5尘)图片
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车(4水/5尘)图片
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