Isuzu 8 Ton Sweeping Truck

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The sweeper has multiple functions such as road cleaning, road cleaning, curb and curb facade scrubbing, low-pressure washing, and spray dust removal. There are "full wash and sweep", "left wash and sweep", "right wash and sweep", "full sweep", and multiple operation modes to choose from. Choose "full washing and sweeping" mode to clean the square and pavement, the cleaning efficiency is high and the effect is good, and the washing rate is more than 95%. Choose "left wash and sweep" or "right wash and sweep" mode to clean the road and curbs. When road cleaning or road cleaning operations are required, the road sweeping mode can be selected. When spray dust removal is required, the spray device can be turned on to perform spray dust removal operations. The road surface can be washed with low pressure like a sprinkler.
Chassis description

Qingling 600P Euro IV chassis, Isuzu 120 horsepower engine, 5-speed gearbox, with original heating and cooling air conditioning, direction assist, 700-16 tires, with spare tires, front axle 2.5 tons, rear axle 4.8 tons, oil brake, with vacuum boost Pump with USB port radio.

Modification instructions

Stainless steel water tank and waste bin, Jiangling 85 horsepower auxiliary engine, automatic clutch, two-shaft seat large maintenance-free fan, joint venture solenoid valve group, Siemens control switch, Italian motor, PLC one-button control system, LED arrow light at the tail, Hangzhou Weilong Low-pressure pumps, oil, trash cans, and water tanks are all equipped with low-water level al lift s.

Detailed description
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片
 Isuzu 8吨洗扫车图片

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