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Foton ambulance Foton G7 ambulance

  • Specifications
Chassis description

[Chassis technical parameters] Chassis model, chassis name, brand name, manufacturer’s overall dimensions (mm) 4840×1695×2175,2435 Tire number 4 Approach angle/departure angle (°) 15/16.5 Tire specification 195R15C,195/70R15LT Leaf spring Number -/4,-/5 Front track (mm) 1470 Fuel type Gasoline rear track (mm) 1465 Emission standard Euro V, Euro V engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (Kw) 4Q20M Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd. 1998 95

Modification instructions

[Main technical parameters] Product trademark Foton brand announcement batch 288 Product name Ambulance product model BJ5039XJH-A5 type ambulance total mass (Kg) 3020 tank volume (m3) rated load mass (Kg) overall dimensions (mm) 4840× 1695×2175,2435 Curb weight (Kg) 1885 Cargo compartment size (mm) ×× Rated passenger capacity (person) The total mass of the trailer on February 6 (Kg) The number of passengers in the cab (person) Carrying capacity utilization factor is close Angle/departure angle (°) 15/16.5 Front suspension/rear suspension (mm) 1190/1080 Number of axles 2 Wheelbase (mm) 2570 Axle load (Kg) 1295/1725 Maximum speed (Km/h) 135 Other remarks: 1. Install OBD.ABS controller model/manufacturer: ESP9 EV5000/Bosch Automotive Parts (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. 2. Choose engine net power of 90kw. 3. Optional front and rear enclosures. 4. Can cancel front fog lights , Optional high-top state of the body, optional configuration with rear treads. Optional wheel cover.

Detailed description

 FukudaLandscape G7ambulanceThe interior layout is derived from ergonomic design and manufacturing, and it is safe and comfortable to ride. Futian scenery G7ambulanceUpgrades have been made in carrying performance. The rear suspension leaf springs are made of high-quality spring steel, combined with a solid rigid chassis, which increases the load-bearing capacity by 20%; at the same time, the rear axle tube is 4mm thicker than the old scenery, and the load-bearing capacity is further increased to 1.8 tons. In terms of safety, through a variety of active and passive safety settings and configurations, as well as the choice of chassis materials, for example, the Foton G7 ambulance has more than 40% high-strength steel plates, plus a full-bearing body and strict crash tests. The safety of the G7 ambulance is further upgraded to ensure that the flat-head products also have good safety.

1. Front view of Foton G7 ambulance;

2. Side view of Foton G7 ambulance;

3. Foton G7 ambulance interior interior display diagram;

Fourth, Foton G7 ambulance rear display picture;

V. Foton G7 ambulance basic parameter map;

Six The medical system of Foton G7 ambulance is as follows;

This time, Foton Scenic G7 ambulance will provide two power requirements according to different needs: 486 self-priming gasoline engine version, using advanced low-emission air duct and combustion chamber technology, and optimized intake and exhaust system design Compared with the 491 gasoline engine, the power is increased by 32%, the torque is increased by 5%, and the partial load fuel consumption is reduced by 8%. The Foton G7 ambulance can output the most suitable power with the smallest fuel injection under a variety of road conditions, realizing the efficient integration of surging power and environmental protection and fuel saving. The reliability test of the vehicle has accumulated to 1.6 million kilometers and can circle the earth 36 times.

HD pictures
illustrate in detail
The new product of Foton Scenery G7 ambulance has been fully upgraded in terms of appearance, comfort, carrying capacity, safety and power.
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