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  • Dongfeng Yuhu 12 tons sprinkler

    1. Chassis:Dongfeng Yuhu

    2.Cab:white row semi-turnable cab

    3.Engine:Yuchai 130 horsepower Euro V engine

    4.wheelbase :3950mm

    5.Tire:9.00R20 original steel wire tires

    Water truck, also known as multi-functional green sprinkler. It is used for urban roads, large-scale factories, troops, gardens and other units to clean roads, sanitation, dust prevention, watering, spraying pesticides, etc., in order to beautify the environment.

    • Specifications

    Introduction of  Dongfeng Yuhu 12 tons sprinkler

    Chassis description of 12 tons sprinkler

    Chassis configuration: adopts Dongfeng Yuhu chassis, white row semi-turnable cab, Yuchai 130 horsepower Euro V engine, Jiangkai 5-speed with auxiliary gearbox, wheelbase 3950mm, 9 tons rear axle, 9.00R20 original steel wire tires , Original abs, with direction boost, clutch booster, air brake.

    Detailed description of  Dongfeng  sprinkler

    The vehicle is equipped with a special sprinkler pump (maximum vertical suction range is 6 meters), the sprinkler width is 14 meters, and the range is 28 meters. The multi-function sprinkler is equipped with 2 front sprays (can wash away mud, dust and garbage on the road); 2 rear sprays (can evenly spray water on the road, a spray width of 14 meters), 2 side sprays (Sprinkler) (can evenly water the roadside green belt), with a rear working platform, and a green sprinkler cannon installed on the platform (the cannon has heavy rain, moderate rain, drizzle, and fog can be adjusted to wash tall trees) , With 1 fire connector, 1 gravity valve, 1 filter device, humanized ladder and side guard rails, sprinkler music horn installed. The new Dongfeng 145 cab luxurious, elegant appearance. Dongfeng Yuhu’s new D913 cab is produced in accordance with the announced size. The engine can be Cummins ISB170 50 and Yuchai’s four-cylinder 160 horsepower. Euro V emission, 9 tons rear axle, six-speed gearbox, 9.00-20 nylon tires. With ABS.

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