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Wuling refrigerated truck Euro VI

Wuling refrigerated truck Euro VI

Vehicle parameters of Wuling bread refrigerated truck
product name Wuling Bread Refrigerated Truck Vehicle model CLQ5040XLC6GL
Outline rule (mm) 5995×2098×2950 Body size (mm) 3400×1720×1680
Rated load (kg) 1090,1155 Top speed (km/h) 100
Total mass (kg) 4495 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 3210 Emission Standards Euro Six
Chassis parameters of Wuling bread refrigerated truck
Chassis model GL6605CQS Chassis brand Liuzhou Wuling
Number of passengers 2 Displacement 2.4L
Wheelbase (mm) 3310 Front track (mm) 1763
Number of tires: 6 Rear track (mm) 1580
engine model YCY24140-60A Engine horsepower 140
Tire specifications 6.50R16LT Box volume 10 party
Chassis configuration of Wuling bread refrigerated truck
Chassis configuration 3310 wheelbase, Yuchai 140 horsepower engine, 2.4 displacement. Strong power and stable performance. With air conditioning booster, ABS, electric doors and windows.
Optional configuration Different refrigeration units can be selected according to the customer’s car needs. Customers can choose -5 degrees, -10 degrees, -15 degrees, -18 degrees to -20 degrees, and can also choose “refrigeration + heating” according to the needs of the car. “The dual-temperature unit (the control temperature range is +20 degrees to -18 degrees), which can be used in severe cold areas such as Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, and Tibet in the Northeast!




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