Road Sweep Truck

Dongfeng Tianjin Euro Five 16 cbm Washing and Sweeping Truck

The maximum sweeping width is 4.1m, the road sweeping width is 3.5m, the sweeping speed is 3-10km/h, the rated pressure of washing water is 10mpa, the rated flow of washing water is 122L/min, the sweeping width is 3.5m, and the sweeping speed is 3-15km/h. The cleaning speed is 3-20km/h, the maximum cleaning capacity is 70,000 square meters/h, the discharge angle is ≥48o, the low-pressure washing width is 24m, the clean water tank volume is 9000L, the garbage bin volume is 7000L, the maximum speed is 90km/h, and the maximum climbing...