Dongfeng Tianjin Euro Five 16 cbm Washing and Sweeping Truck

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The maximum sweeping width is 4.1m, the road sweeping width is 3.5m, the sweeping speed is 3-10km/h, the rated pressure of washing water is 10mpa, the rated flow of washing water is 122L/min, the sweeping width is 3.5m, and the sweeping speed is 3-15km/h. The cleaning speed is 3-20km/h, the maximum cleaning capacity is 70,000 square meters/h, the discharge angle is ≥48o, the low-pressure washing width is 24m, the clean water tank volume is 9000L, the garbage bin volume is 7000L, the maximum speed is 90km/h, and the maximum climbing angle is 30o.
Chassis description

Dongfeng Tianjin chassis, D530 flat head one-row semi-flat roof cab, wheelbase 4700mm, electric heating (glow plug) cold start device, all-steel 160L fuel tank, electronic accelerator pedal, muffler exhaust port outwards (side blowing), Φ395mm push diaphragm spring clutch, Dongfeng 6-speed DF6S900 gearbox, first gear ratio 6.938, the highest gear is overdrive, 5 tons front axle, 10 tons rear axle, main reduction ratio 5.143, no inter-wheel differential lock, car The frame cross-section is 250×80×(7+4)mm, the number of leaf springs is 8/10+8, 10.00 bias tires, with air conditioning, ABS, direction assist, dynamic rotation.

Modification instructions

The auxiliary engine adopts Dongfeng Cummins EQB160-20 diesel engine, power/speed: 118kw/2500r/min, turning diameter: less than 19m, maximum climbing degree: greater than 30°, sweeping width: ≥3.5m (sweeping disc fully opened), Low-pressure flushing width: ≤30m, working speed: 3~20km2/h, maximum suction particle size: 100mm, cleaning rate: greater than 90%, high-pressure water system flow rate: 106L/min, high-pressure water system working pressure: 10MPa, clean water tank volume : ≥9m3, garbage bin volume: ≥7m3, garbage bin discharge angle: greater than 48°, sweeping pan combination: one sweeping pan on the left and right (two sweeping brushes on each side), nozzle combination: long row of nozzles, one on each side , Width: ≥3.3m. The dustbin and water tank are made of stainless steel plates, the dustbin is self-unloading, and the dustbin has a high-pressure self-cleaning function.

Detailed description

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