Shifeng 5 tons fecal suction truck

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This car has a certain market share. It uses a Weichai 110 horsepower engine with a standard tank body of 5mm; the tail defecation port, sk-6 water ring pump, four-way valve operation
Chassis description

Shifengfengchi 5 side big fecal suction truck, Weichai 110 horsepower, 5 gears, (optionally equipped with auxiliary transmission) 750-16 tires, 6 tons rear axle, direction assist, air brake, electric doors and windows, certificate-free and environmentally friendly.

Modification instructions

Packing configuration: 5mm thick carbon steel fully sealed pressure tank with a volume of 5 cbm meters, the shape of the tank is oval, equipped with a vacuum suction pump, can be pumped in and out, with a viewing window, a 7-meter suction pipe, tank body There is one self-flowing port at the rear, and the top of the tank has a large suction frame that can rotate 360°, with a boom and a seat, an oil-water separator, and an overflow prevention valve.

Detailed description

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