Dongfeng Dalika 8 tons fecal suction truck

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This car can have Yuchai, Chaochai, Yunnei, Xichai four engines to choose from, the price of the engine is different, the 6-speed gearbox, the top is made of high-quality carbon steel, and it can be equipped with a water circulation pump and a vacuum pump. The sprinkler function can be installed, and the appearance is noble.
Chassis description

Dongfeng Dolica 2030 single-row cab, 4.2-ton rear axle, air brake, 6-gear box, wheelbase 3800mm, Chaochai 156 horsepower, 8.25R20 tires

Modification instructions

The purpose of the vehicle is to suck manure, and the main device is a manure tank. The effective volume of the tank is 8.2 cbm meters, the medium: liquid dirt, and the guaranteed size of the announcement: the material of the tank is 6mm; the tail defecation port, sk-6 water ring pump, Four-way valve operation.

Detailed description

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