Sanhuan Maker 12 Ton Flatbed Transporter

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Chassis description

This car uses Sanhuan Maker's new luxury cab (multi-function steering wheel, fixed-speed cruise small tooth) Yuchai 140 horsepower engine, Fast small 8-speed gearbox, 4.5T front axle, 9T rear axle. 280mm double-layer girder, 825 steel wire tire, electric doors and windows, air conditioner, driving recorder, original ABS

Modification instructions

The flat floor beam is made of 100*100*5mm cbm tube, the bottom plate is made of 5mm or 8mm checkered plate, with encrypted oblique support, the ladder adopts double spring reinforced design, adopts three ribs + double spring reinforcement welding, optional hydraulic ladder or folding extension Version of hydraulic ladder, with rear legs on the slope, the effective plate length of the flat plate is 5800 (including the slope), and the plate width is 2.49 meters (optional with left and right widening and stretching). You can choose the design of the cargo box with the fence. The excavator is less than 15 tons. Preferred car model

Detailed description

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