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Qingling Isuzu 600P One Tow Two Wrecker

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Qingling Isuzu 600P One Tow Two Wrecker Euro Six

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Vehicle parameters of Qingling Isuzu one-to-two wrecker
product name Qingling Isuzu One Tow Two Wrecker Vehicle model
Dimensions (mm) 7470×2350×2500 Top speed (km/h) 95
Total mass (kg) 7300 Fuel type Diesel oil
Curb weight (kg) 4580 Emission Standards Euro Six
Chassis parameters of Qingling Isuzu one-to-two wrecker truck
Chassis model
Chassis brand Qingling
Number of axes 2 Front track (mm) 1504
Wheelbase (mm) 3815 Rear track (mm) 1425, 1525
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications 7.0016
Qingling Isuzu one-to-two wrecker top configuration
Chassis configuration
600P cab standard, Isuzu 4KH1CN6LB, engine Euro VI emission, 120 horsepower, Isuzu MSB five-speed transmission, with air conditioning, steering assist, multi-function LCD instrument panel, front axle 2-2.5 tons, rear axle 4-4.8 tons, with ABS, standard 7.00R16 tires, 3815mm wheelbase, each type of oil brake and air brake can be selected at will. Single-row cab can be flipped
Upload configuration 4 tons of top mounted 4 tons winch, 21 meters of steel wire rope, double-sided linkage operation, rear support arm tow 2.5 tons, with checkered plate and pressing plate optional, equipped with a set of auxiliary trolleys, yellow electronic warning lights, four binding devices.

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