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Euro Five Dongfeng Duolika 8 cbm washing and sweeping truck

Chassis description

1. Dongfeng Caput mutton white cab 2030 single-row chassis, Euro V engine ISF3.8s5154, gearbox 6A120 (6TS55), front and rear axles 2.7/5.5 speed 192 leaf spring 8/10+7, tires 8.25R16 14PR, Power, clutch air assist, air brake, dryer, central control lock, power window, ABS + front under protection, MP5 + reversing image, pattern plate 2, Dongfeng Duolika D7 fat jade white 2030 single-row chassis, Euro V engine CY4SK251( 115kw), gearbox 6A120 (6TS55), front and rear axle 2.2/4.2 frame 192, leaf spring 8/10+7 tires 7.50R16 14PR, dynamic rotation, clutch air assist, air brake, dryer, ABS

Modification instructions

1. With 2 central sweeping discs, Cummins 170 horsepower auxiliary engine (Dolica is a 62KW turbocharged auxiliary engine); Italian motor; German high-pressure water pump (front flush / side injection / middle injection / rear spray / flushing water gun / garbage Tank self-cleaning device); high-pressure roadside cleaning nozzle, Veyron low-pressure pump (forward flush); stainless steel trash can; stainless steel high-pressure pipeline; German controller; Korean control box; PLC one-key control; tail LED arrow light; engine oil , Trash bins and water tanks are equipped with anti-overflow and low water level al lift devices; indoor monitors for reversing and washing and sweeping conditions. 18m high pressure washing reel. 2. The cleaning width is 3.5m; the cleaning pressure is 10MPa; the suction particle size is φ110mm.

Detailed description
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