JMC Kerry 8 cbm washing and sweeping truck

February 26, 202110:46:30Comments219
Our company can also install road sweepers and sweepers according to customer requirements: sprinklers, snow shovel, sprayer, sprayer, guardrail cleaning and other multi-functional purposes!
Chassis description

Original JMC chassis, new Kairui N800 single-row cab, reversible, JMC 152 horsepower engine, common rail + supercharging technology, with exhaust treatment, JMC 6-speed gearbox, 750 original steel tires, air brake, with direction Power assist, with original air conditioner, with remote control central lock.

Modification instructions

The Kairui N800 is nearly 2 meters wide in the cab, with a remote control central lock and original air conditioner. The new interior design adopts the style of a passenger car, which changes the rough and simple characteristics of traditional light trucks. The overall atmosphere is stylish, and the luxurious and practical functional configuration improves the overall grade.

Detailed description

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