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  • Euro Five Dongfeng 145 12-ton sprinkler

    1.Engine:Yuchai’s 160-horsepower Euro five emission


    3.Cab:Dongfeng T3 luxury cab

    4.Gearbox:Jiangkai five-speed gearbox with a pair

    5.Axle:2.8 tons front axle, 8 tons rear axle

    6.Tire:9.00-R20 tires

    Sprinklers are also known as spray trucks, multi-functional sprinklers, garden greening sprinklers, water tankers, water trucks.

    • Specifications

    Introduction of 12-ton sprinkler’s Chassis description

    Yuchai’s 160-horsepower Euro five emission, 3950mm wheelbase, Dongfeng T3 luxury cab, Jiangkai five-speed gearbox with a pair, 2.8 tons front axle, 8 tons rear axle, 9.00-R20 tires, 232mm beam.

    Modification instructions  of   Dongfeng 145 sprinkler

    The effective volume of the tank body is about 12 cbm meters of sprinkler, Suizhou Yifeng pump, the tank body steel plate is 4MM carbon steel, the tank body and the overall dimensions of the vehicle are in accordance with the announcement. The whole vehicle has front flushing, rear spraying, side spraying, with 65 fire interface, rear platform with bubble without door, front head with water level gauge, rear platform main road with 1 inch watering interface, and rear climbing ladder. There is a small safety notice board at the back of the platform: “Stop at any time, pay attention to safety”, with two water pipes and both yin and yang ends. Tank color: upper white and lower easterly orchid, spray “sprinklers” on both sides of the tank, with reflective signs.

    Detailed description of  Dongfeng 145  sprinkler

    国五东风145 12吨洒水车图片
    国五东风145 12吨洒水车图片
    国五东风145 12吨洒水车图片
    国五东风145 12吨洒水车图片
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