Liuqi Chenglong Bulk Feed Transporter

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Chassis description

Liuqi Chenglong M3 feed truck special chassis, Yuchai 180 horsepower engine, EuroV emission, Shacman Fast 8-speed gearbox, 280 double-layer girder, front axle 4.5 tons, rear axle 9 tons (reinforced front and rear leaf springs) , 10.00R20 steel wire tire, air brake, row

Modification instructions

The effective volume is 25 cubic meters, which can hold 12 tons. It is equipped with 3 warehouses as standard. The electric screw auger discharges, the discharge pipe inclines 60 degrees, the vertical discharge height is 7 meters, and the whole vehicle discharges in 20 minutes.

Detailed description


The main technical parameters
Vehicle name Liuqi Chenglong 15-ton bulk feed transporter Tank volume 25 cubic meters of 13 tons
Dimensions 9000,87002480x3700 (mm) Total mass 18000 (kg)
Tank size 60002400x2000 (mm) Empty weight 8900
Wheelbase 5100,4700 (mm) Rated quality 9960 (kg)
Tire specifications ,10.00R20, Emission Standards Euro five
Number of tires 6 (with a spare tire) Loadable media Pig and chicken feed
Engine parameters
engine model Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (KW)
YC6J180-50 Yuchai 6500 132
HD pictures
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Liuqi Chenglong’s 15-ton bulk feed transporter uses Liuqi Chenglong’s special chassis for M3 feed trucks, Yuchai’s 180-horsepower engine, 25 cubic meters of effective volume, 12 tons capacity, 3 warehouses as standard, and electric auger unloading and unloading. The pipe is inclined at 60 degrees, the vertical discharge height is 7 meters, and it takes 20 minutes for the whole vehicle to discharge.

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