Faw of 10 ton sewage suction truck

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The sewage suction truck is mainly used for cleaning urban sewers, pipeline sediments, and dredging of dead-angle mud ditch. This model is usually used in combination with high-pressure cleaning trucks. You can also check our company's high-pressure cleaning truck products or directly purchase high-pressure cleaning and sewage absorption combined Unblock car products.
Chassis description

The Jie cbm J6 vacuum sewage suction truck has a tank volume of 9 cbm meters and an engine with a 180 horsepower engine.

Modification instructions

The dedicated part consists of power take-off, drive shaft, vacuum sewage suction pump, pressure tank, hydraulic part, pipe network system, vacuum pressure gauge, sight window, hand washing device, etc., equipped with high-power vacuum sewage suction pump and high-quality Hydraulic system, the tank head can be formed by die-casting at one time, the tank can be opened back, and the double top is self-unloading

Detailed description
Faw  of 10 ton sewage suction truck
Faw  of 10 ton sewage suction truck
Faw  of 10 ton sewage suction truck

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