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Jie cbm 4×2 8 tons sewage suction truck

Chassis description

The Jie cbm J6 vacuum sewage suction truck has a tank volume of 9 cbm meters and an engine with a 180 horsepower engine. The special part of Jie cbm J6 luxury sewage suction truck is composed of power take-off, transmission shaft, vacuum sewage suction pump, pressure tank, hydraulic part, pipe network system, vacuum pressure gauge, sight window, hand washing device, etc. Power vacuum sewage suction pump and high-quality hydraulic system, the tank head is die-casted at one time, the tank can be opened back, and the double top is self-unloading. The dirt in the tank can be dumped directly through the back cover, and it has the characteristics of high vacuum (more suction than fecal suction truck), large tonnage, high efficiency, and wider use.

Modification instructions

Jie cbm J6 sewage suction truck is a luxury sewage suction truck modified by our factory on the basis of Jie cbm J6 chassis CA1160P62K1L2A1E4Z. Jie cbm J6 sewage suction truck is a new type of sanitation vehicle that collects, transfers, cleans and transports sludge and sewage to avoid secondary pollution. , The sewage suction truck can self-suction and discharge, with fast working speed, large capacity and convenient transportation. It is suitable for collecting and transporting liquid substances such as feces, mud, crude oil and so on.

Detailed description
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